YACM (Yet Another Cyclist's Manifesto)

Yet Another Cyclist's Manifesto

I, ______________________________________________,

of _____________________________________________,

being 1 cyclist in at least 1 billion throughout the world,

on this ______ day of ___________________, 20___

declare the following truths to be self-evident and inalienable.

  1. That all cyclists are born equal. The wearing of tweed does not make you a better transport cyclist than one wearing lycra, nor does riding a fixie set you at a higher station than the rider of a mountain bike with panniers.
  2. That cycling on public roads is a right, above the privilege of driving. Driving was never intended to have the higher place, the very fact that a licence to drive is only issued to those who meet preset requirements and can only be done in a vehicle which has been proven and registered as being roadworthy is proof that it is a privilege and can be revoked in a trice. Cycling, being an unlicenced activity, is as free as walking and, even though you may be fined for breaches of cycling law, you can never be denied the right of cycling through suspension or confiscation.
  3. That cyclists have the same rights to assessment of their own safety as any other person in society. Cyclists are not in and of themselves less capable of assessing their own personal risk than other members of society and there should be no laws allowed of Parliament which require or force cyclists to wear ridiculous, unwholesome, unstylish or even unsafe forms of attire to "protect" them from perceived or actual dangers, regardless of how silly this may seem to non-cyclists.
  4. That cycling is the most environmentally and economically sustainable, the most social and friendly AND the healthiest form of transport invented. All other forms of transport, while having a small place in society, will lead to social decay and the collapse of civilisation if allowed to prevail unchecked at the expense human-powered transport.
  5. That cyclists are not to blame for the danger imposed on them by others and should not feel beholden to accept responsibility for harm done to them by the thooughtless and malicious. Cycling is safer to the surrounding community than motoring. People are killed by motor vehicles on a daily basis and in some of the most horrific circumstances. Hardly anybody has ever been killed by a bicycle. If bicycles were removed from public roads, death and injury statistics would barely change. If motor vehicles were removed from public roads, there would hardly be death and injury statistics worth keeping by transport authorities, there simply wouldn't be any. In fact, the more people cycling, the safer it becomes.
Motoring, even in the hands of responsible operators, radiates danger outward onto the community, making streets unsafe, isolating and unpleasant public places. Bicycles are silent, sociable and a humane form of transport which make streets the meeting places and social networks they were meant to be. Sign the pledge and ride your bicycle for transport and pleasure.



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Comment by Steve Jay on December 10, 2010 at 8:54am

If being militantly pro-cycling is wrong, I have something wrong with me.

If trying to correct the legal interpretation used by authorities (driving is a privilege, and cycling like walking is a right) is wrong, there is something wrong with me.

If it's wrong to believe that roads are there for PEOPLE, whether they own cars or bicycles, then there is something wrong with me.

If not being unwilling to take the blame for the (as it was described in a forum post recently) the "complacency bubble" around cars and the driver therein is wrong, then there is something wrong with me


The thing, in my opinion (you're allowed to disagree, a great thing is democracy), that is wrong with cycling in Australia is we are too willing to accept the blame for the motoring culture, we're too willing to defer to the motoring lobby because if we don't we might get run over. I'm not advocating violence or war against cars, I'm advocating that it's time to grow a set and stop believing the bullshit that cycling is dangerous, is secondary to motor traffic and that we are on the road out of some privilege while motorists are there by right, because it is legally the other way round and it's about time we stopped being good little "pets" and stood up for ourselves.


Or we can keep on having metaphorical sand kicked in our faces and styrofoam dunces caps put on our heads. It's individual choice, I'm with you, even if you're against me.

Comment by Neil on December 10, 2010 at 8:04am
@brian smith: You really must stop talking to yourself like that. It is a sign of madness.
Comment by brian smith on December 8, 2010 at 11:22pm
I think you have some serious issues and I think you are no better than the people who drive cars and think that cyclists have no rights on the road, this thing only promotes hatred and irresponsabilty towards others, fact is the roads are there for cars, we must both use them safely and with co operation with each other, it is people like yourself who make the roads a hostile place for cyclists, because it gives the other nutters something to go on about, wake up!

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