A continuation of the first one...

My Chain swap record

1 - 3900km

2 - 4400km (#1 500km)

1 - 4959km (#2 445km)

2 - 5488km (#1 520+500=1020)

1 - 6973km (#2 1485+445=1930)

2 - 7885km (#1 912+1020=1932)

1 - 8438km (#2 553+1930=2483)

2 - 8970km (#1 532+1932=2464)

1 - 9778km (#2 808+2483=3291)

Next swap at about 10,400km

29/10/2016 swapped my7 chain again from #1 to #2 4th time them chain has been on.

Chain 2 has done more than 1 so I had better swap it at or before the 500km next time.

25/7/2015 5488km. Bikes still going OK. I need some maintenance though so I'm not as slow and fat when the spring weather arrives. I swapped my chain again. It's the second time chain #2 has been on. I'll see how it goes.

12/4/2015 4959km. I've been riding my single speed a lot.. that's my excuse.
Ages ago I sorted the wobbly cluster / freewheel issue out by putting an XT hub in the wheel with some shiny new black spokes. It's been running great. I also put some 180mm XT cranks on with an external BB at the same time as yet another rear cluster. The crankset came with the sprockets so I sort of had to. Some fella told me that I should buy two chains and swap them every 500km because the chains wear at twice the rate of the cogs. Who am I to argue with some fella so I'm giving it a go. The first one went on at 3900km, then next at 4404, and I just put the original one back on at 4959km. I'll see how it goes. If nothing else it gives me something to write about.

20/2 2013  1748km. I put the bike together but the gears are not working very well especially on the larger rear rings. The cluster is wobbling from side to side because the freewheel is loose. I have put my spare wheel on for now which is working a lot better. I'll pull the other one apart later on and see what's going on.

Went for a quick burn to Diamond Creek and back and felt OK. I think my legs are recovering from the weekend.

19/2 2013 1726km.

My odometer battery went flat and I started using Strava in December. Now I'm at 1726km on strava.

so I'll say it's about 2726km but will just use the Strava one for now.

Anyway, I replaced my frame with an On-One Cr Mo one. At the same time I replaced the seat post because it was a smaller diameter. More recently I swapped by bars for wider ones and the stem because the new bars are 31.8mm instead of 25.4 like the old ones.

On Saturday I did the Otway Odyssey 100km MTB race. I struggled with the hills, which there were a lot of. The total climb was 2249m... I ended up doing it in 9:50min which is slow. The winner in my class did 4:49. At the 50km point my derailer tension spring appeared to break. I shortened the chain and rigged it up as a single speed on the middle rings. Then at 55km I fell off on a right hand sweeping corner when I lost the front. No major injuries luckily, just a few grazes. It was hard work going up even low gradient hills. I could sit and grind for a bit and then stand up and pedal for a lot of it. I walked a fair bit. Some I would have walked even if my gears were working. They were so steep and I was so knackered. It was very dusty and hot which also made it hard. That was the same for everyone though.

It turned out that the tension arm of the derailer had either turned right around or the spring inside had rotated and then clicked back into position. I can't see how the whole arm could turn with the chain in place. It's a bit of a mystery because I removed the pin that stops the arm going around too farm turned the arm around and put the pin back in. It was all too simple and I can't help wondering if I have missed something or if it will do it again. I have ordered a new derailer anyway. I'll put all the old stuff back on after I have cleaned it and see how it goes. Might be able to get a few more k's out of it all.

7/7/2012 702km. Rode to the BMX track at Park Orchards for a hamburger and to watch the races. Bike is OK. It will take a bit to get used to these forks. I'm still not very confident on single trail work. Nice sunny 32km ride though.

26/6/2012 595km. Finally put my new forks on. It needed an adapter to put the IS mount caliper on the post mounts. It's almost ready to ride. The rear tyre has a puncture.

10/6/2012 595km. I drove to Watsons Creek and went for an exploration ride around Panton Hill and Christmas Hillls. There are some great trails in there. It will be good when I work out where they all go so I can put a few circuits together. I ran out of light in the end so took a short cut along the Christmas Hills Yarra Glen road back to the car. I also found a good spot for a nice MTB ride for the kids with a picnic table along the trail was as well.

There's something freaky going on with my rear brake. Sometimes it sounds like there is a notch or something on the disc but I can't find anything. I'll have a closer look oneday.

I didn't feel very confident on the more bumpy bits. A combination of low confidence and pain in my ankle when it was jarred. The pain went away quickly which was good. It was good to get out on some decent trails and have some fun. Now I know I can do it.

7/4/2012 413km. After breaking my leg and dislocating my ankle in January I went on my first MTB ride to Diamond Creek and back along the bike trail. My left foot was a bit sensitive over some of the bumps and I can't stand up and pedal. When my left leg comes almost to the top it won't go over... 15km overall.

17/12/2011 240km. Lysterfield ride with 3 others. Blair witch and around the lake. 16.4km. Was a good ride and bike went well with its new bearings and clean chain.

25/11/2011 15km. Early morning Lysterfield Ride with 4 others. It was a good ride on a coolish morning and dry tracks for a change. Around the resurfaced comm games cct and then a loop based on the blair witch trail.


My rear tyre is coming apart at the bead and was very "wobbly" to ride. I'm surprised it didn't fall apart completely.

I think I'll replace it.

Rear bearings are shot (sealed bearings) and my front cones are loose.













I removed the bearings and ordered some more.

6001 RS 12x28x8mm

After some advice from a mate on out to get them out... Hit the axle harder!

One each site of the hub, and two inside the freewheel.

The two outside ones are very wobbly. Which makes sense because they are the ones that would do most of the work and more likely to get dirt and crap in them. The freewheel pawls look OK. A bit worn but still good.









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