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Well what a shit day, Started of good. Went for a dry run for my trip to work each day. Burwood to CBD. After riding down Burwood hwy and crossing over Warrigal Road, the road is so bumpy, I spent most of my time on the breaks down the hill. Not liking this, but its what i have to do. Left turn into Summerhill rd, right into Ferndale rd, cross over Glen Iris rd and down Gardiner Pde. onto the Gardiners Creek Trail. and onto the Main Yarra Trail. After taking the detour and stopping a few times to make shore i was going in the right direction. I end up where I wanted to be. 55 min in total. Should be able to cut that down to 40-45 min, now I know where I'm going...lol


This is the first time I have used there trails. I tend to stick to the roads due to speed and condition of the roads. There are a couple of sections which really need some work. The surface is not smooth enough if you have a road bike, plus some of the corners could be a bit wider and less sharp.


On the way home, it was not a good ride. 2 tube, 3 flats, 3 patches, 2 Co bottles used and still had to ride the last 5km on a flat front tyre. Close to 1.45h to get home.


Total trip distance was around the 45km mark.

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Comment by Dragon3125 on January 11, 2011 at 5:06am
Well fixed the problem with the bike. Stronger tyres. No flats yet. Overall the ride is not bad. It takes me about 47 min in total with an average speed of around the 29km. Which is not bad to start off with, but I will be a lot happier if i could get it close to 37-40km per hour.  I really wish they would re pave Toorak rd, from Warrigal rd to Summerhill rd.
Comment by Will Thompson on December 30, 2010 at 7:36am

Hi Dragon3125,

Sorry about your sit day, we all have them every now and them as long as they don't come in waves! 


I ride the other way from Malvern to Burwood East and have found the  bike path along the Waverly train line excellent for keeping the cars away.

Weekends I ride the Gardiners creek trail to Southbank for a coffee. Then out to Port Melb and along beach road and back home. Early Sunday Morning along the Yarra  is fantastic. Riding without ending up at work always seems to be more fun.



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