1902 was an exciting year for cycling

Can this theme last the distance, as there's possibly another 106 years of photographic fun to document. Should I keep going?

Would Madam or Sir prefer Radial spoking or a Crows foot? Maybe even a Snowflake?

Edward and Florence consider playing a quick game of 'catch the open ended spanner'

Folders for the Dutch Army. Just the ticket on a muddy WW1 battlefield

Riding from San Fran to LA - via the Rocky Mountains.

Pre-dating seatless BMX and Trial frames by decades? No, it's a Incumbent. Breathing was obviously an afterthought.

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Comment by vx255 on September 23, 2008 at 10:31pm
Keep going Chris, these are great, the top pic with the wheel builders reminds me so much of a pic of the "giant" factory, except with better lighting, amazing.

Bloody Dutch, no need to fold your bike, its a square puddle, walk around for goodness sake :)

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