Opinion piece in The Age today about linking the Darebin Creek trail to the Yarra Trail.

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Comment by ChrisS on June 20, 2008 at 1:32pm
Woohoo! Good news from the Boroondara Council meeting on Monday night.

Despite a late start to the meeting, a power failure and impassioned speeches for and against the proposed link, near midnight the council voted 5 to 4 in favour for the Darebin Bridge permit.

So now the bridge plan will go to VCAT to make their ruling. Hopefully in the affirmative.

Fingers crossed!
Comment by ChrisS on June 14, 2008 at 1:15pm
The continuing saga reported today in The Age: Tribunal poised to act on bike paths' missing link, although it's disconcerting to read that there's no mention of all the sustained hard work put in by the Community Coalition over the years.
Comment by ChrisS on June 11, 2008 at 1:43pm
Oh poop, can't edit the link above without deleteing the entire comment. Sorry about that.

Ruddy COTA cyclists, they're as virulent as their eastern neighbours, Whitehorse Cyclists and DarebinBUG's weekday rides! No matter how much the dog walkers complain, the old buggers just keep proliferating. And don't we love them regardless. ;)
Comment by Zed on June 11, 2008 at 1:38pm
What's worse they're all COTA cyclists!

Note: link above incorrect - try this one - we are still trying to stamp out the old website pages. If there is alternative route they should specify it. This map shows the alternatives looked at. The next best route goes through a golf course - so go speak to them and see how it works out.
Comment by ChrisS on June 11, 2008 at 1:32pm
Mr Michael's letter today in the Age (11/6) is a pearler:

YOUR article about the Kew billabong (Opinion, 10/6) does not reflect all the issues involved.

There is now only a damp path of moisture in the billabong, due to the drought, and the birds have flown the coop.

The real concerns of the residents are the intrusion of the "West Gate-style" bridge, the overbearing concrete path dividing the park into two, plus the 4000-plus commuter cyclists speeding through every day at 30 km/h or more, and the inevitable shortcuts and erosion they will create over the grasslands, as already evidenced along the freeway embankment and at nearby Darebin Park. An alternative route for commuter bikes is on the books and should be examined further.

Tony Michael, Kew

Although this letter is not a full representation of the issues, as Mr Michaels casually leaves out the hard work done by the community coalition, PV and the council, refer here:

BoroondaraBUG Darebin Bridge

Community Coalition Media Release Feb 2008

Although how could local concerns develop without a old fashioned injection of hyperbole and simplified argument?
Comment by Zed on June 10, 2008 at 5:39pm
I went to the meeting and given that experience, I thought the Age article was a very well balanced report. Talking about linking up paths - everything is looking very messy in the south of Boroondara - different parts of Gardiners Creek path are going to be closed for sometime. In some cases the alternate route will be very nasty.

Progress Leader

As part of the action down there in Malvern, Boroondara BUG is looking for support for joining Argyll St to the East Malvern station footbridge by running a path up against the highway, on the very south side of the Malvern Valley golf course.

More info on path here.

The highway widening is totally ripping this area up and a path should be installed but there is no agreement to do so. The aim is provide an alternative path for those heading to/from the Waverley area and Waverly Rail Trail, who short cut through the golf course to the Gardiners Creek Trail. It's good for the golfers too, as play won't be held up by riders going past, in front of the tee off areas.

The footbridge is to be altered too - it's currently slated to be a 2.5 m wide switch back arrangement with two 90 deg bends and a sharp hairpin bend. So if you want the path put in, get on to your local councillors and local papers, otherwise it will never happen and it will all be too late.

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