Sydney road-rager takes out cyclists

This on The Age and SMH websites makes pretty scary reading ...

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Comment by Mickey Who on May 11, 2008 at 12:23am
Hear hear!!
Comment by ChrisS on May 10, 2008 at 12:44am
Listening to Kneel? Na that's too intellectual, the more extreme cartards are probably listening to the Melb or Sydney equivalent of Shite-FM.

Please don't get too despondent over this latest outburst, pander the pun it's a cyclical thing that pops into the public consciousness at least twice a year and then goes off the boil. Remember: the vast majority of drivers and cyclists are completely normal law abiding people.
Comment by Mickey Who on May 10, 2008 at 12:35am
Well, I guess those rednecks are too apathetic and lazy to read (maybe even ignorant of the existence of) publications other than the Bogan Redneck Daily, like government publications on what taxes are used to build roads. These publications are probably written in a language other than Bogan, so it's hard for them to understand.

They probably have their car radios tuned to Neil Mitchell while driving around increasing the size of their carbon footprint.

Now, where's that ladder for me to climb off this high horse.....
Comment by ChrisS on May 10, 2008 at 12:12am
Andy of Fyxomatosis has popped up a pic on the homepage that may provide some light relief after todays media ordeal.
Comment by Deryck walker on May 9, 2008 at 12:44pm
I totally agree that rego is a load of BS; all I'm saying is if we did hypothetically pay a negligible fee, then that would eliminate their only argument, leaving them with no reason to try and justify their apparent "rage". (One thing I don't get, a car speeding around a cyclist or bunch of cyclists results in a trip time saving of maybe 20 seconds... geez all of those seconds gained is worth killing someone?)

Maybe all the cyclists can move to one state, and we can ban cars, and have biketopia.

I really hope the state governments put together some campaigns to inform all road users of the road rules, as in my experience 99.9% of cyclists abide by the rules, its the car drivers who don't know the protocol. Its purely ignorance and unjustified-blanket statements from the redneck car driving minority getting us all worked up! ahh i need a bit of time out in the corner with my dunce hat.

Maybe the situation will be different when the cost of petrol quadruples and all of these gas guzzling morons have to ride a bike!

Public venting for this morning is complete.
Comment by ChrisS on May 9, 2008 at 12:31pm
This latest round of anti-cyclist palavar is lazy recycling BS, in Sydney the likes of idiots like Anita Quigley and overwrought shoutback AM radio announcers love to buy into this shit.

The comments on these articles are mostly a beatup and best ignored. For the more disgusting variety: have a look at this Media Watch segment and follow up if necessary.

Most of that online commentary is pitched towards marketing and branding, like who wouldn't want to have a clickthrough ad on a article page with a raging river of shite being updated every 5-10 minutes?

The reheated rego issue is bollox, like as if having licensing for vehicle operators has created 100% compliance? As for taxation issues, petrol tax only pays for a tiny section of road infrastructure, all of most governments infrastructure costs are paid from consolidated revenue. The lie that 'cyclists' don't pay tax is a lazy furphy. It gets trotted out for another airing again and again as it's easy to repeat, sticks like shit and makes a great sound bite.
Comment by Deryck walker on May 9, 2008 at 10:20am
Seriously I would fully support bike rego if it would shut up these friggin red necks. Its basically the only argument they ever use (bikes don't pay for the roads we use etc etc); and to extinguish that would give them no excuse.

Im doing my best to avoid the articles on the herald-sun, as im sure it will just upset me and make me angry; i want to keep a clear mind about this whole scenario and know that we are in the right in so many ways.
Comment by RobE on May 9, 2008 at 2:21am
sadly the general readership of the Sidderley rags seems to be represented by those moronic comments and that explains the editorial pitch... the readers are the target of advertisers, who happen to be selling stuff the readers of the rags want...more rigs, petroleum products, environmentally hazardous undertakings and non sustainable activity.... so they seem to be supporting it editorially when these things happen and by implication are inciting similar behaviour...... courts & Police have been too lenient on driver behaviour towards cyclists and it is clearly evident in Sidderley that people feel they can get away with it... the ratbag who did this stupid act isnt alone... SO, the NSW Govt has to make a stand... and soon... outlaw any hoonish behaviour of road rage, throw away the keys and confiscate the car... cancel licences and advise the judiciary and the police that standards of responsible behaviour are expected of all road uses and no longer will aggression be tolerated... zero tolerance... oh and prima facie liability on drivers wouldnt go astray... ( similar to EC)... harsh... NO, its time!! ( actually beyond time...but no time like the present!...)

And riders.....Make this years Ride of Silence the LOUDEST yet! be there.... and be angry!

I'm now off to bed to calm down... heh!'( just a good book and a warm milk ...!! :) )
Comment by Mickey Who on May 9, 2008 at 1:28am
Wow.... On a friend's suggestion, I just had a look at the website of the Bogan Redneck Daily (aka Herald Sun). Aparently, people can leave comments on articles. It just shows the intellegence (lack of it) and high apathetic factor of their readership. Total ignorance! The sad thing is, this shows that their narrow minded views are very much supported by the editors, as comments are being edited by the publishers.

Just a bit of a warning, the comments can get your blood really boiling!! A lot of them write with a total disregard of facts.

Ben Kersten said on the interview that one of the drivers (who presumably is morbidly overweighted with ignorance) hurled the abuse, "Tight-arses! Get a car!" Several points to this, these cyclists would more likely be riding on bikes more expensive than a lot of cars. There's also the fact that a lot of cyclists (those who commute on them), like me, are tight arses. We are trying to save the environment for goodness sake!!! We are stingy about the sickeningly liberal use of resources, mainly fossil fuels.

BTW, if those rednecks are calling for cyclist to pay rego on the bikes to use the road, do I also have to pay rego on my walking shoes to use the footpath? Afterall, it is part of the road.....
Comment by Matt Holden on May 8, 2008 at 11:35pm
Includes footage of the road in question. A pretty scary looking stretch of tarmac ...

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