Over at my other Blog, I posted this which summarises pretty much what the commentators, who can see a lot more clearly than Oil for Profit corporate raiders and the Help My Mates Governments around this planet, say.
Do we really need the "automobile"any more?, it became the motorised version of portable mobility after bicycles "paved" the way for it... Bicycles became the victim of their own success back then and were relegated to childhood toy status by the PR machinations of Corporate America and its Government fogies.

The Bicycle Fights back!

Well well, hasn't it been some journey.... last night on the box I was watching some show from the states which showed the gridlock they/we ( those who drive anyway) succomb to every day as a result of urban sprawl and some misguided assertion of "I want to be an individual and free" ... hah... so they line up on metal coffins and breathe pollutants, gasping their way to work/home/college/the gym/the mall...etc when they could alleviate most if it by taking an alternative... walking would be a good start, then the bicycle for the longer trip, and then at a transport hub, perhaps a train and/or a bus... oh no! I have to sit next to people in a bus... how common and unpleasant...I'd rather sit in a metal coffin on my own and clog the streets and be miserable... no way could I sit down and actually talk to someone and develope a sense of community and social engagement.... ech!!!... and so it goes on...perpetuated by government policies which promote consuming capital by road building and expansion of freeway networks, encouraging more car plants in the name of employment generation but which is merely a ruse to cover up their failure to seek viable sustainable industry and transport solutions which in themselves would generate employment/ options for other more meaningful activity to benefit mankind/society/community!.

It seems all to obvious... same old same old ,from the usual suspects, in Government and Industry... who out there is going to deliver change that will allow us to continue to survive on this planet long enough to see past Oil depletion and fossil fuel abuse?.
Ponder that for a bit!

We have viable energy sources that do not require reliance on oil or fossil fuels, or nuclear and sadly for Governments they are free, so therefore corporates can't get their miserly hands on them and strangle us with price and dependance... my two prime candidates are 1) solar and 2) ocean current energy, both boundless, easily accessible across the earth.
The can both generate industry involvment to maintain jobs whilst we need jobs, but down the track I see a world were we may not need jobs to the extent that we have today... but that dear friends is many generations off... ( if we survive the next great extinction)... (as an aside...remember, it was only 75,000 years ago that homo sapiens faced extinction.. we got down to a few thousand individuals left on this planet... all because a massive volcano in Indonesia caused a Thousand years of green house gases... Mankind survived and moved on to multiply and around 60,000 years ago started to develop social,cultural and other life skills to become the dominant thinker on this planet, a role we take for granted now, but for how long ?... now instead of a Natural disaster, we are creating our own...

Its past time being part of the problem... if we are to survive we have to be involved in the solution...every one of us!

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Comment by RobE on June 25, 2008 at 5:58pm
its the old adage...Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely... applied at its most basic, its carnivorous behaviour by a being that does quite well on vegetable matter... the so called civilised members of our species always seem to want more than we need and for self gratification as the end to the means... and too bad for the consequences... well ,its catching up!... in some places hopefully sooner rather than later ( Zimbabwe for instance as a prime example of man's inhumanity to man...and the bystanders who could do something about it standing back until the "what's in it for me!" bit is overcome by wider moral outrage... but it ain't new as we only too well know..!!)
Comment by ChrisS on June 25, 2008 at 3:06pm
IMHO we got into this situation due to being too clever, but not wholly responsible, with technology and not remembering lessons from previous civilisations. I mean you don't have to be a anthropologist to understand what happened on Easter Island or a economist to understand borrowing beyond your means.

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