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Sustainable Living Festival this week + lots of bicycle-themed events

Treadlie magazine have posted a good online precis here: Sustainable Living Festival 2011



Even more info + events at the…


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Yet more tiresome crap

Jill's standards seemed to dropped awfully since leaving the 7.30 Report.

Herald Sun: Lycra louts a law unto themselves

As Lord of the Lycra Tony Abbott springs back on his bike for a nine-day ride for charity (and cameras) it's time to question the rights and responsibilities attached to our growing… Continue

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60 Minutes - Vicious Cycle

Must admit I was dreading watching this segment on Sunday evening.

Although like many, I've been actually quite impressed with it, not perfect but seriously, not a bad effort by the commercial media.

Also read this transcript -…

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Changes to Victorian Rules for cyclists. NB: whats a proper seat?

From VicRoads - Cyclists: From 9 November 2009, there will be some changes to the road safety rules for cyclists.

The changes are about the helmet and using the proper seat for bicycle passengers, and for cyclists turning from, and stopping in, bicycle boxes at intersections with traffic signals.

Seat and helmet

A bicycle passenger must wear an approved bicycle helmet and sit… Continue

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Albanese announces federally funded cycling infrastructure projects across NSW , Vic + more

Via Albanese's media release today - Another pot load of that economic stimulus $$$ - have a gander below if there's one in your area.

- Additional recent media releases from Albanese

- CPF: $40m for jobs and cycle paths is a healthy outcome for all

Economic Stimulus: $5.4m for… Continue

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On sale at Aldi this week: Oregon Scientific ATC2K

Finally got around to buying two, one for moi & another for a friend. I just haven't had the time to sit down and fiddle w/ it yet, or indeed, find a spare SD card. From the specs it mentions 32mb internal memory that's expandable up to 2gb. Is there any capacity to expand on that or not worth attempting?…


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Oh, Phil, a flamingo

Courtesy of Bicycle Radio: Phil & Paul talk about, cheese, cows and The Man With The Big Hammer. May contain traces of TdF

- mp3 linkie


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Get On You Bike: Done by Law podcast on 3CR Community Radio

From Done By Law (7 July 2009)

This week we look at the rights of cyclists in accidents. Done By Law speaks to road accident injuries lawyer Tim Dionisopolos about how the law can assist or hurt you when things go wrong on the bike. We discuss what cyclists can do to protect themselves legally.

Either listen in at the link above, or… Continue

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Jail threat for dangerous cyclists ... level playing field and all that

Melbourne media seems to be full of this today:

The Age: Jail threat for dangerous cyclists

Cyclists found to have killed or seriously injured a pedestrian will face penalties of up to five years in jail or a $68,000 fine, after tough new laws came into effect today. "Cyclists need to recognise that, if they do occasion damage, they have responsibilities. They do need… Continue

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Victoria Police now handing out No-bell Awards

Note: this is a bicycle bell. Simple, cost effective, can be useful when necessary although I'd prefer a Airzound.

3AW talkback - rider gets pinged in the Melb CBD for having no bell. (27 May, 2009)

- Listen to mp3 - about 6 minutes

Several interesting subtexts… Continue

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EuroTrash Tuesdays

Police + Free H*lm*ts + Cuddles = Bike Love.

Warning: the images contained above may cause spontaneous combustion and/or scabies amongst the traditional Herald Sun readership. with luck. Why can't VicPol do this instead of the current BLITZ in Melbourne's CBD?…


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Over Easter I'm going to ...

1. Fiddle with Faster PussyCat and make it even more Fred. Add fenders and another Brooks B17?

2. Fiddle with Kitten of Doom and add bullhorns with leather wrap. Bonus wicket basket on front? The details and honey-hues are… Continue

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2009 Paris-Roubaix - LIVE on SBS this Sunday!

2009 Paris-Roubaix


Sunday 12th April on SBS-TV.

From France.

Live in Eastern States.

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Full of Win!

I so do admire Bike Snobs latest piece:Anti-Veloism: Weird, Creepy Bike Hate.

It reminds me of a bizarre incident a couple of years ago whilst riding down Hoddle Street towards my intended destination: Mountain Goat Brewery. To cut a long story story I was treated to some intriguing verbal abuse where a passing driver saw fit to yell… Continue

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Today's Yehuda Moon

Despite being northern hemisphere spring-themed, today's Yehuda Moon strip could also be a nice example of the autumn rain & healing in Victoria after Black Saturday. Apparently there's already examples of epicormic growth, i.e.: trees growing 'pom poms' in the NE. Cool!…


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Ski jumps on shared paths. Sorry, meant to type "speed humps on shared paths"

Added this to the VicBUG chat & YarraBUG lists, reposting it here in the public interest.


Manningham Council to build kicker jumps on all shared paths? No, not really.

Hi all,

Via the pages of the Manningham Leader comes this reaction to a local issue on shared paths. Read the article, you can also leave comments if you wish, I have & so have several others.…


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Would you prefer to ride through Alaska than Albury?

After reading todays news stories, I'd know which part of the world preferable to take ones chances. :(

The Age: Aussie rescued in frozen wilderness after clothes grow icicles

The Border Mail: Savage assault leaves cyclist… Continue

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We're in the movies! We're in the movies! (sort of)

Some of us are currently knocking back offers for special guest appearances on Home & Away. Ok, not really, but it's all for a good cause. Serious text content + embedded links below. ;)


The Cycling Promotion Fund, the Amy Gillett Foundation and Digicast have produced four great video clips with tips on how to avoid common risks when cycling in traffic.

These clips include:

* Dealing with Intersections

* Heavy Vehicles and Cyclists

*… Continue

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Suitable caption?

Famous person from the movies, Rusty puffs on a cancer stick whilst out on the deadly treadly. I reckon there's a few witty captions in this, other than thirty odd foot of grunts up the 1-in-20 or Russ Le Roq Velo Noir. Sorry, that last one was crap.

Any… Continue

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Melbourne weather this week: 4 days of 40C?

Read for yourself here on the BoM site.

Forecast for Tuesday: Max 38

Forecast for Wednesday: Max 41

Forecast for Thursday: Max 40

Forecast for Friday: Max 40

Forecast for Saturday: Max 40

Yes in summer it does get a bit toasty in Melbourne but a forecast predicting four days of 40C is freaking me out slightly. Ok, not slightly. A great deal.

I'm thinking of starting work… Continue

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