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Vulnerable Road Users and the Law

Much has been said on how we change attitudes across all road users to make roads safer . Governments and beaurocrats want to spend money so their budgets can be seen to be doing things. They want to do studies, talk about attitudes and making cars safer , and remove cyclists and other vulnerable road users from roadways so they create facillities and monuments to themselves, which generally make the vulnerable road user experience more dangerous (… Continue

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The thin edge of separation

We have pushes from separation advocates for new funds to build paths and separation facilities like more Copenhagen Lanes and possible expansion of external bike paths or " Bikeways".

These might be welcomed by new riders, and hated by experienced riders.

The thin edge of the wedge is that should these pushes find favour and the use of separation become mandatory, riding on road will become impossible.

The potential to create three systems for personal mobility on a… Continue

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"Cycle Track" Safety and Effect on Popularity of Cycling

I have been following a series of discussions at

Chainguard on this topic, and now have a neat summary from John Forrester that is worth a read ( as is most of JF's work we get to see). here it is, the discussion was initially centred around the potential that legislators pandering to hysteria and the car lobby, have and will prohibit bicycle riders from using a roadway when there is an… Continue

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Beach Rd Cyclist Group calls for weekend clearway-Mr Brumby over to you!



Beach Road Cyclist is a cycling advocacy group based in Melbourne’s bayside suburbs. Our group is at the

forefront of voicing the safety concerns of on-road cyclists, particularly those relating to the Beach Road area.

Beach Road is the most popular bicycle route in Australia. The latest traffic count revealed over 7000… Continue

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A World Car Free

Over at my other Blog, I posted this which summarises pretty much what the commentators, who can see a lot more clearly than Oil for Profit corporate raiders and the Help My Mates Governments around this planet, say.

Do we really need the "automobile"any more?, it became the motorised version of portable mobility after bicycles "paved" the way for it... Bicycles became the… Continue

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