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It isn't quite as blue as advertised, but it does have great bike paths. Here's my blog post about it...

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Planning to visit Holland? Want to see some villages and Dutch countryside? Here's the ride you should do:

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'Only' 184 Dutch cycling deaths in 2013? Is this good news?

I was shocked by the stats until I considered some other figures.

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We just finished a five-day spin around Lake Constance, Europe's most popular cycle tour. No great physical challenge, but highly recommended for beautiful scenery, historic towns and safe cycleways!

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AMSTERDAM CYCLING - facts and figures

The City of Amsterdam has just released new figures on bike use - it's inspiring reading. Just when you thought they couldn't squeeze another bike into the place, cycling is growing.

This despite all the reasons cycling should never work in Amsterdam - wind, cold, rain, ice, snow, cobblestones, canals,…


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THE SHEER JOY OF CYCLING - at 4 years old

If you haven't yet watched this viral video, you should. It makes you want to take a kid out for a bike ride immediately.

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A BETTER TYRE LEVER - nifty Dutch invention

Has anyone tried one of these TyreSwitch levers? I found it worked very well.…


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TOUR DE PARIS - no helmets, and the bike share system works!

The Velib bike system is the best way to tootle around Paris these days. And it's getting good use. Will the Melbourne version ever take off, or will those helmet laws kill it?

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DUTCH-STYLE BIKES - will they catch on in Australia?

They're heavy and indestructible. They love cobblestones and snow. So could they ever catch on here? Some importers think so. What do you think? …


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MELBOURNE BIKE SHARE SCHEME - my road test as a tourist

I came down from Sydney and tried the blue bikes for the first time. Good bikes (better than the Copenhagen ones), good system - shame about the helmet laws.

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TOUGH RIDE, EVEN TOUGHER RIDER - Could anybody do this these days?

So you think your morning ride was hard? Did you need to fire your revolver to ward off marauding Aborigines? No? Then you've got nothing on Donald Mackay, setting an amazing record back in 1899.

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CYCLING THAILAND - floody good fun

Thai people are suffering from disastrous floods at the moment, but on our little cycle trip out of Phuket they've just been an inconvenience, and even enjoyable. For more, see:

We found… Continue

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Recycling old cycles - another great Dutch idea!

A new project started up in Holland this week. A small company buys up serviceable old bike frames, gives them a trendy paint job and environmentally-friendly new components, and sells them for good money. Is there such a scheme in Australia? A window of business opportunity for someone!

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We riding on spuds, my wife and I,1000km across the Netherlands, on the world's best cycling infrastructure, following the Pieperpad, the designated 'Spud Trail' which connects organic farms from Friesland in the north to Zeeland in the south. We're 500km into the trip and estimate we'll need another week to get down near the Belgian border.

Follow our adventures on  … Continue

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CYCLING DUTCH STYLE - 30 Aussies check it out.

I had fun yesterday, joining a group of 30 Aussie cyclists who are doing a serious tour of the Netherlands, checking out the bike infrastructure. I can't wait till they get back home and introduce all those Dutch ideas DownUnder. … Continue

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MY BROOKS SADDLE - will my rear end learn to love it?

I've just bought a Brooks saddle. I've bought whole bikes for less money. But the idea is that this saddle will last a lifetime, or at least my backside's lifetime. First, however, my derriere and the Brooks saddle have a few 'getting to know you' issues to sort out...

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Europe's cheapest B&Bs - for touring cyclists only!

There's a network of B&Bs spreading across Europe offering serious 'mates rates' to cyclists.

It's run by the Dutch cycling organisation Vrienden op de Fiets, 'Friends on the Bike'. If you're thinking of some cycle touring in Europe (and I often am!) it's well worth joining. Could this great idea ever catch on in Australia?

More on:…


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Great WA Bike Ride - I loved cycling the tall timber!

Well done, Bicycle Victoria on running a great Great WA ride!

Super route, good company, smooth organisation and it was nice to have a smaller crowd than the teeming masses on the Great Vic, enjoyable though that is in its way.

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The Garmin Edge 800 GPS - does anyone really need it?

I took the new Garmin Edge 800 for a test drive on the Great Vic Bike Ride - here's my review of its performance:

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How I survived another Great Vic...

The Great Victorian Bike Ride began in rain, continued in mud, fought its way up hills, rolled down them again and finished as the sun appeared. All in all a great time was had...

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