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...know when to fold 'em...

For those who doubted, behold! The mighty Hasa got through its Tasmanian tour including the predominant up-and-downy bits. How do they fit so many hills on such a little island? If they squished that thing down flat I think it would probably have the surface area of WA.



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Funny bike chronicles II

Using the folder as the principle ride as a tour-training measure. Now doing the Big Commute regularly (Yarraville to Abbotsford and back via the Capital City Trail) and finding the machine perfectly adequate. If I have one complaint, it's creaks. The handlebars taper down to quite narrow ends and consequently have a bit of flex in them. Seat also a bit noisy, probably due to the very long post. Neither of these much of an issue when maintaining a consistent speed on a consistent surface with a… Continue

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Funny bike chronicles

Have been trialing the new Hasa foldie this past week (specs here: The purchase was a bit of a leap of faith as there's bugger-all on the net about the things, so I thought I'd post my findings for the benefit of anyone else who might be considering same.

The ride: Haven't taken it for the Big Commute via the Capital… Continue

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I'm back, I'm back, as a matter of fact... a matter of fact, I'm back.

And with a whole new swag of moans.Steve Jay? 'Cycling is safer than widely reported'? Hogwash. Though I recognise your intentions are good, I maintain we are presented with daily deadliness. After 3 weeks off the road recovering from 'benign positional vertigo', I did another week of tentative 1/2 rides to and from work before taking up the full Yarraville to Abbotsford commute. First week back resulted in me having to make an uncomfortable decision… Continue

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Cyclists suck.

Last monday, did my usual trundle home from work and all was right with the world. Come the evening, I was all wobbly and remain so. Benign positional vertigo, apparently. What it amounts to is one of the little doodads buried in your head that tell you which way up you are gets stuck, giving the impression that you're in constant motion. The upshot is ongoing wooziness, pronounced klutzery, inability to stop turning corners and so on. Not condusive to bike-riding obviously, so I've been… Continue

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