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Tips for Beginner Athletes: How to Prevent Injuries and Strains

No matter if you play sports for competition or for the sake of staying fit, the fact is that you should do everything you can to prevent potential sports injuries. Of course, time away from the game is definitely what you want to avoid, so be sure to take appropriate preventative action in order to make that…


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Cycling and Mental Health: Pedalling Towards Happiness

“When I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future mental health of the human race.”

This is a beloved quote, attributed to English author H.G. Wells across newspaper articles and bicycle blogs. Wells, who lived in…


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My Take on the Benefits of the Electric Bike

Alight, as an avid cyclist and an urban as well as nature cycling fanatic, I have to say that nothing really surprises me anymore. Not to say that I’ve seen everything there is to see on my trails around the city and in the great outback, but I have experienced my fair share of cycling adventures.

So a few months ago, I began my quest to update my bike collection and had my eyes set on a Costelo Massa mountain bike…


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Discover Melbourne on Your Bike

Ever wondered what cycling is like in one of the most liveable cities in the world? You guessed it, it’s pure pleasure and delight, literally and figuratively. From top to bottom, the Gem of Victoria is extremely bike-friendly, so you are bound to have a blast discovering its secrets and traversing its popular sights and landmarks, with an excursion or two into the surrounding countryside for a day of pure wilderness fun.

If you are new to the cycling lifestyle, you can rent a bike on…


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The Big Bike FIlm Night - riding into Melbourne next week

Hey Melbourne... time to GET OFF ROAD!!!!

If you haven't already heard the Big Bike Film Night is riding into Melbourne next week; and this is the place to be. 

What's it all about? Sharing the best cycling short films from around the world with 12 films showcasing a collection that has everything a cycling centric audience could want- action, drama, humour and plenty of inspiration –it’s going to be bike-a-licious!


The line-up includes a stylish…


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Bike ride around Sri Lanka - September

I would love to share with you a bike ride around Sri Lanka in September this year. We ride for 13 days around the country, on average 100km per day.

This event includes:

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Snacks every 25kms

3 - 5 staff hotel accomodation

Luggage transported to each hotel

Police escort

Great fun, amazing friendships and a memorable experience

*All for $1000.00*

You may like to view the following video which showcases our ride: …


Added by Erica Blackett on March 30, 2017 at 12:25pm — 1 Comment

Ride Like a Wombat #2

A continuation of the first one...

My Chain swap record

1 - 3900km

2 - 4400km (#1 500km)

1 - 4959km (#2 445km)

2 - 5488km (#1 520+500=1020)

1 - 6973km (#2 1485+445=1930)

2 - 7885km (#1 912+1020=1932)

1 - 8438km (#2 553+1930=2483)

2 - 8970km (#1 532+1932=2464)

1 - 9778km (#2 808+2483=3291)

Next swap at about 10,400km

29/10/2016 swapped my7 chain again from #1 to #2 4th time them chain has been on.



Added by Chris Harris on March 11, 2017 at 11:15am — No Comments Guide to keeping your ride clean!

Although cycling is an athletic sport, it is also very much an equipment based sport too, and basic habits in bike care and maintenance are just as much a part of the ride as sweating up a climb. The rule is simple, NEVER ride a dirty bike.

A dirty bike has a higher maintenance cost than a clean one and a poorly maintained bike is more likely to leave you sitting road side waiting for a lift home. 

So here are the PEDALIT wash…

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SS MTB Brake pads

Strava distance for this bike is now 7,956km, and if it's not on Strava, it's bullshit !

I haven’t ridden this bike for a while because I haven't been fit enough to push the gearing. Now that I'm a bit fitter and it has been raining I'll ride it some more. It's my only bike with mud guards... The brake pads had worn down to the metal inside again so I replaced front and rear this morning. My last two pairs of cheap Chinese brake pads. I think I'll try something different next time…


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On top of the hill

There used to be a house up here about 20 years ago when I used to ride up here.

It's at the top of a short but very steep…


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Victoria to be last last on passing rule on East Coast!

The NSW Coackroaches are finally catching up to good old Queensland and South Australia not to mention ACT.

Passing laws for motorists to protect cyclists. About time.

What about Victoria - the shame, the embarissment of being last to do the sensible thing.

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My Wife's 2015 Merida Speeder was stolen from outside St Vincent's hospital between 11:00 and 11:45 on the 13th of October.  She has a good quality lock but didn't lock it properly.  It would have looked locked at a quick glance so some scrotum of a human was out to pinch a bike!

This is the second bike stolen in just over a year, very pissed off!  The first bike had the lock cut so again, someone had the intent to steal.

The bike is black and grey with orange…


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Melbourne Cycling

Still cycling every weekend from Templestowe to Mordi & often to Mt. Eliza ...if you like to join us contact me accordingly...& as a reward a coffee & almond croissant 

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Stolen: 2014 Wilier Treistina Rossano (small) dark grey- Footscray, Victoria

On Saturday 26th April my newish Wilier Tresitina Rossano  was stolen using bolt cutters from a secure garage in an apartment block in Moreland Street,  Footscray.  

I have since been advised by the body corporate that over 20 bikes have been stolen over the year from our underground carparks.

I bought the bike new from Green grocers in Goulburn NSW in last October 2014..  I have recently changed the seat to a more comfy black touring seat.

This bike is one of a kind in…


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Accident North road ride at Brighton 23/04/15


There was an accident with the North road ride at Brighton on 23/04/15.

Someone picked up my Samsung phone & garmin computer

Would anyone know who it was??

Any help appreciated



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STOLEN: Scott Addict R2 in Hawthorn, Melbourne

Hi all, 

I'm new to this page so I hope this is the right place to share!

My beloved 2009 Scott Addict R2 was stolen for my locked garage in Hawthorn in the last 2 days. It's a small frame, black and white in colour (which is pretty rare in Australia, it was purchased in the US). 

More than anything, it's just my favourite bike and I'm gutted :(

I'm posting here in case anyone sees it or comes across it - any info would be appreciated!

My number is…


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It isn't quite as blue as advertised, but it does have great bike paths. Here's my blog post about it...

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Mental gremlins and testing time trials

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Single Speed Update

My Strava odometer says 5217km.

I haven't done anything except ride it since I put the bigger front chainring on.

Oh, I replaced the brake levers and cables. A positive aspect of leaving it way too late before replacing your brake cables is that they feel so smooooth. Like a new bike.

I'm thinking about changing my handlebars. The ones on it ar "Gnar Bars" with an outward bend at the end. I think they might me giving me sore wrists and I have a spare nice wide "normal"…


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Dogs, ducks, owls, rabbits and foxes at sparrows

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