Can anyone suggest bike shops in/around Melbourne that provide good advice, range and support for tandems?

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what sort of money are you looking at spending?
Have you ridden tandems before?
for some info have a look at


1. No idea.

2. Yes, once.

3. Thanks for the link.
Beach Road Cycles opposite the old Brighton Baths has a range (!) of tandems. When we bought ours, they had quite few form $799 up to $4500 for a lovely Cannondale.

Before I ended up there, I started at local bike shops (MBC/BSC/Ivanhoe/StKilda) none of them were terribly interested and some of them pointed me to Beach Road. When finally I got there, it was a relief to find someone who would sell me a bike!
... and they know what they are talking about as well - recommended!


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