Check out this article on cycling in skirts in "Happy Woman Magazine" (they think so I don't have to, apparently):

To get the most out of cycling in skirts you must cycle with a sense of whimsy. Cycling is an activity in and of itself, regardless of where you end up, or whether you break a sweat. Is your bike red? Does it have fenders? A wicker basket? A wide, commodious saddle? Then read on.

Which leads to gems of advice like:

Word to the wise: skirts with back slits are inadvisable for cycling. They have none of the impact of a side slit and risk unnecessary chafing of the more delicate parts.


It is not uncommon, when cycling in skirts, to be the recipient of commentary by passers-by. While most of this commentary will be appreciative, I am sorry to report that there will, on occasion, be remarks of a more negative bent that must be handled with grace…To whit: "Isn't that impractical?" (Remember: practical women buy underwear at Walmart). "How can you ride in a skirt? I'm sure I never could." (Read: I'm jealous because my husband likes to watch you cycle). Don't be deterred. Ever smiling, ever lovely, simply hitch your skirt slightly and tell them what every woman knows in her heart: "If you can't look good doing something, why do it at all?"

All good sensible advice.

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