Just stumbled across this.

I wonder if they do argyle styles ???

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Nice form factor, but would they pass Aus ADR's?

If so, I foresee hope for Vélib rental schemes across the nation. That is if they don't get nicked fer starters.
I think these are excellent. Ran across then a little while ago. I think this is a great opportunity for an aspiring crafty person in Melbourne to emulate ... anyone? Basically would need to take a standard close fitting cycling helmet and make the 'covers' to match.

Make mine a Trilby!
I think I might have found the inspiration for this - http://www.hi-starclassics.co.uk/Helmets/Helmets.html . The classic has to be the Deerstalker!


this is the LaCoste Tweed & Cork version (probably very unapprovable under AS)..... meanwhile I'm trying to get my wool Kathmandu under helmet beanie/skull cap to go over the Limar, bit of a stretch what!!... maybe one of those round stealth rider thingies from The Black Fixie shop might be a good foundation as a brain bucket for stylin under the beanie...


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