It's yellow, it's ugly, it goes with nothing, but it can save your life

I'm not entirely convinced about the context of this 'bicycle safety' message from France, although getting Karl Lagerfeld to wear a fluoro jacket is kinda, well, dare I say it, ... funky?

I'll like to see the posters slogan' "It's yellow, it's ugly, it goes with nothing, but it can save your life" morphed into something more suitable

Such as subreptitiously attempting to altering peoples perception about blame-shifting and the usual BS moral crises guff when it comes to discussing road user responsibilities.

Although "It's stupid, it's ugly, it proves with nothing, but changing your selfish attitude can save lives" may zoom over the heads of the worst cartards.

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a le triangle , cést magnifique, karl's Merc has broken down, he needs a foldup bike in his trunk and his Jeune vestment would be very appropriate in that low light ... he looks like a worker from Tru energy fixing downed power lines on his way to the Policeman's ball.. ( balls are overrated you know!)...
The yellow debate is wierdly received isnt it... I have a mate with a farm, lots of dangerous stuff is used, its a work safety nightmare, over head power lines, lots of high things that can fall on you, machinery, interactions between humans and mechanical moving things... and not a bit of Yellow or orange in sight, in fact his attitude to yellow is "never"... I thought I'd add "on your life"but it wouldnt get through I'm sure... so the refusal by many to adopt the bright is right is widespread... In style over speed, low speed is a factor in assessing risk, Low speed allows more time for others to see you, but it may (and is) not always the case..
Assessing risk is the major problem. And acceptance of high risk by drivers insisting speed limits are minimums not maximums is the experience we as bicycle riders feel every time we ride and get buzzed by the impatient rev head.
I guess, the approach is to dress for the conditions, in bright ambient light it may become less of a need... however, can you imagine if, as in many workplaces, safety coloured garments are made compulsory for vulnerable road users, just as helmets were, would it reduce numbers of riders on the roads??...The RACV and the car/oil lobby would push for it... it would also again shift the onus from the driver...and give them even less things to care about when they driver motorised monsters... I want more personal responsibility and less blame shifting....
Like the vests on the lady above, not altogether unsightly IMHO...
if trendoid makers like Crumpler made vests with their big logo's on them and included them in every messenger bag, maybe that would be a start, or the woopee-do makers of slinky stuff like Perl-Izumi, Assoss, Garmondo etc..and yes even Uno, made them a bit can be done, not too hard... perhaps the industry got its act togther and contributed to the growth of cycling by adding freeby stylish vest with every bike sold, donated by the bike makers to the purchaser as an act of goodwill and a promotion they want their customers to have a visible presence on the road above their black steed of carbon stealth technology. business opportunity anyone!!
Chris you are right...attitudes have to change,.. us and the cartards included.

foxy !!
Surely Karl, of all people, could do something to make hi viz gear look good?

Still, it's an amusing and therefore probably quite effective advert (even taking into account above comments about where the onus should lie).


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