...blinded by the obvious, this group is the natural place for all cyclists and should have been formed at the outset.

Let's face it, we say we're riding: to save the planet; to demonstrate freedom of movement and choice; to be doing something for ourselves; and because it's fun. But really, we all ride because we look f***ing great on two wheels. Even the crappiest steed lends an air of je ne sais quoi to even the ugliest of you (of course I mean us).

I implore all "Melbourne Cyclists" to get on board and celebrate style over speed (and substance) - style, energy, health, vigor and vitality - totally opposite to sitting in a tin and glass box waiting for the traffic to move.

It's time to evolve from the serious "we demand our right to ride on the road" to "we know this is our road and it looks more fabulous for our presence".

Think about this: Sydney Cyclists are going into the same battles that we've fought and won over the last few years. They need to be inspired to keep fighting for the cause - we can show them the way to the funky future, sans lycra...

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Huzzah! Huzzah!

( (some pics coutrtesy Zakkaliciousness & Copenhagen Cycle Chic ) Onward ever onward ... into the breach with elegance and panache..
I don't think anyone has ever accused me of sartorial elegance or of being a speed demon, so I don't have a particular preference for one over the other. But I like your thoughts. Ride your bike, be comfortable and...yeah, if you've got the style, look good while you're at it.
Well this philosophy of Style over Speed is entrenched in many cities, and lately in Paris with the introduction of the Velo Libré , both a massive shift in acceptance and a huge increase in on street utility cycling has occurred... it is superbly summarised in this piece at Copenhagen Cycle Chic's blog

Style over Speed is one major thing that will encourage more women to ride bicycles and that (yep, more women riding) is one of the most important if not the secret, to acceptance of bicycles on roads by drivers... they aren't so keen to run down a nicely attired lady riding a bicycle ... (but what they see as mere "dudes in lycra" get a short straw only too often, male or female)... so more style, more ladies riding and more common sense out there ... peace, penache, style and ride..to paraphrase CCC's blog states, "Melbourne loves you , and your bike, but mostly on your bike"
loved the comment from Sigrid where she said it's probably easier to ride in 6" heels than walk in them.
Hear hear ... a veritable manifesto ... sign me up


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