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A bunch of wannabees, couldabeens, rogues and local sporting legends of yesteryear who are the self appointed B-graders of the Shepp cycling scene. Go hard, but don't take yourself too seriously, or you'll cop a spray from Burlsey, Sully or Walks.

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Cats Fluoro Kit 2 Closes 1/10/14

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Sac back, or Grumpy's bag

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Comment by cam walker on Wednesday
Now that I have socks I don't care who gets them but all I know is when Phil got his socks it was like when Shane Woewodin won the Brownlow softest medal ever handed out almost cheapen the award.But my boy Wellsy road all year round and captain the Christmas party cricket GF over 51.the only thing Walshy will win this year he has already and it was only because his last name starts with a W.I think there should be some kind of Inquest into how Phil won his socks because other then them shit saddles he wears so we can hang shit on them I don't know what else he brings to the cats other then sweating all over everyone and crashing over the bloke in front of him.But I will give credit were it is due he can play the spoons .As for anyone else the fish was good enough for me.
Comment by Phil Hoare on Wednesday
I'm a bit torn!
Walshy clearly way ahead of anyone else but we do need to respect the elite previous recipients (& Cam).
Any support for donating this years to 51 so they may build some sole out there, perhaps even get some numbers or have at least 1 reason to hold a function.
Comment by jon mathieson on Wednesday

One 2 hundred klm ride is like one goat wellsy!

Simon you don't have a vote ! and you made a duck!!

Sprinter you didn't save her you stood and yelled can someone help this poor  pleb , I am not touching her cause she is dribbling and yellow !!

Comment by Leigh (Muddy) McIntyre on Wednesday

I notice that Nevy Wong has a new Cat's livery. He has ridden at least once each year for the last 10 years!

Bortha has appeared for about 5 years at least once a year.

Sly.......miles of runs on the board but where the f is he now??????

We didn't start the fire......

Get back to work you lot.

Comment by SP on Wednesday
Oh, sooo it'll be beach rd riding for u next year simon says, you'll fit in beautifully
Comment by Jason Wells on Wednesday
Might as well give a pair to my wife as not only did she complete 200km in one hit, 200km is probably more than most of you blokes on here did all winter! No just saying bullshit or moving pictures famous song needed, Lloyd will give them out to whoever he pleases too! Can't say he has been off the mark the last 3 years I have ridden through winter with his selection of SOX winner. Glad your back to full health Lloydy, it was touch and go there for a while when we (JW's) took time out to care for you xxoo
Comment by Sprinter on Wednesday

Well said Simon!

Comment by Simon Marley on Wednesday

I don't qualify Maffo only been riding a year with you lot in 3 week and considering I'm off to Melbourne in a month or so i won't ever be in the running!  That being said I've only missed about one day a week all year more than can be said for those holding their hands up.

If I had a vote that counted it would be for the default, we can't go giving em away to some wannabee just because they are the closest thing to what is expected of a sox.  It just makes the whole thing a mockery.  It needs to be earned to then be respected by us non sox'ed plebs ;)  JUST SAYIN............

Sprinter resussing a dead bird gets you the first aid badge at scouts and the front of the queue at the pearly gates not the sox haha

Comment by Sprinter on Wednesday

Did I tell you about the lady I help resuscitate?  Bringing someone back from the dead!  Good effort I thought!

And I have done 5 full winters!   May have missed a few days in between.

Comment by jon mathieson on Wednesday

ohh   metors please you have to turn up to official cat functions, and consistent each year but good try,,,, keep them coming boys anyone else think they are deserved of the sox?????

nothing from wellsy grumpy simon and many more.....


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