Hi I am a newbie to both Cycling and to the Northern suburbs. If anyone has some suggestions for good easy-medium rides or if you would like a cycling 'buddy' let me know!!

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Hi & welcome to Melbourne Cyclist .:)

What sort of cycling are you interested in? Road training rides, pootling around shared paths or organised rides, such as club or BUG social rides?


definately road training rides, but i also have a second bike suited to more social/recreational rides. don't really enjoy riding solo.
greetings. I'm a bit of an old bloke (43) but can still hold my own and am looking at getting back into cycling. I live in heidelberg. So don't feel rtoo bad if you want to go on with some younger riders. anyway, in terms of rides around where you are you could do worse than heading down plenty road where you can keep going for 35km to Whittlesea. Its pretty flat and there is some okay scenery past Doreen. If you want to throw in a little climbing head down Heidelberg Road until you hit Chandler highway, then go left and over the bridge. There's about 4-5 km of climbs - all be it pretty easy. Make it a little harder by coming back the same way, then going further along Heidelberg Road to Heidelberg.


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