Hi all,

I have riding two years & love it but know not thing about
bicycle maintenance & was hoping that someones knows
of bicycle maintenance training, held in Geelong.

It can be during the day also as I am a pensioner

Thank You


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Hi Ian,

For starters, try getting in touch with Russell and the crew from Bicycle Users Geelong, here's their contact page + ph numbers.


Also contact Geelong Touring Cyclists, think Peter Mitchell maybe involved with their rides and he's a great bloke for helping people get started, although it's been a few years since I last spoke to him.


Another good Geelong contact is Maree & Ted from Wilcare Services in North Geelong, they do cycle training & accreditation, mainly for government & workplaces, but they would be good to contact for more local stuff in your area.


Hope this helps!


Thank You Everyone for your help!

I will post how I get on,




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