Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone else is doing the ATB on a fixie? Last year I went Single Speed freewheel, and really missed the big-cranking peletons.

This year is FIXIE TIME, and I have one other mate doing it, but more the merrier!

I am going Sorrento direction, and planning on a pretty big gear, probably a 48x14, 90ish gear inch.

I rolled this on the Eastlink 'Ride' and it did pretty well, obviously the hills may present a problem, but I managed to grind my way around the boulevard, and survived, so I am encouraged to give it a shot.

What say you, O hardcore fixers?

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There was interest shown over on Fixed.org.au a few months back for fellow fixed riders. Maybe contact Blakey for more?
Looking at doing it this year with a mate on our SS's. My knees would explode if I attempted Olivers Hill/Mt Eliza fixed. Will probably do a couple of test runs prior using 48/18 but may fall back to 48/20 if needed. Much prefer to spin than grind ;)
HAF Oz, very HAF ;) I'll be taking a few gears along with me, who's the other victim... err rider, anyone I know.

There was a few fixed riders doing the 210 last year.
Go for it!

What size wheels/tyres? 48/18 is probably doable, but you might appreciate that 20 later in the day. Flip flop hub? Perhaps 48:18, with 19 as a bailout (or 20 if the dropouts are long enough)?
I'm in two minds as to which bike to use, but given my current SS/fixed gearing of 44/17 and what you guys are talking about I'm inclined to stick with the road bike.
Thanks for all the replies, guys-
I did beach road yesterday - 60k commute to the City from Forest Hill via Black Rock - with my 47x14 fixie. It means I can sit somewhere between 35-40 kph comfy in a group.
But I also had to get home on my normal commute - 20k's direct east over Surrey Hills.
Definitely a grind, but do-able...my normal commuting gears are either a 44x16 or 48x18 F/W it is nice to roll down hills sometimes!
So, I still think either 48x14 or 47x14 Fixed for ATB, hitting the hard stuff early, Olivers & Mt Eliza then sitting in a group and rolling along at 35ish.

I did it, and it went better than expected!

Ran a 48x14 and although it was pretty slow up the hills, I sat nicely in the 30+kph range.

I did a video of the ride - have a look if you want.

I was expecting to hit the wall somewhere between Geelong & melbourne, and have no option but grind through the pain -

but it never happened. I felt strong, and it flowed really well.

so, Don't be afraid of the big gears!

Interested to know if you can point me in the direction of a 14t freewheel which would work with my Felt Dispatch? Everywhere I've tried has told me a 14t wouldn't be compatible due to a difference in spindle size. Would be made up if I could find one.


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