Hey all - I'm new to this site (like 10 mins ago). Sorry for the long post but I'm really interested to hear back from people about this. I've only been in Melbourne a few months and have been riding around Yarra Blvd a few times. Nice and consistent rollers up there. Anyway, I was chatting to some friendly dude the other day and asked what times people are doing during the races that are help up there from time to time. That's the great thing about Melbourne so far - all the cyclists rock.

Anyway, he told me that the lap times are under 14 minutes for a 1-way lap from the roundabout to the Walmer St end of the boulevard. Ok, that's cool. I found a website that posted some results and this seems about right (I don't have the website address here but I found it on Google so should be easy enough to find again).

Now, my question is this, and please don't burn me for saying it. Do these times seem right to people that know about such things? I'm not a hardcore road rider and in fact I'd consider myself a mountain biker more than anything else but I'm a bike nerd when it comes to ride data so I record as much data as I can using GPS and a Polar RS800cx watch. On Tuesday I recorded a lap of 13m26s from the left off Chandler Hwy to the stop sign at the far end at Walmer St (about 1.2km *further* than the lap described by the guy I was talking to and by the website I saw the race results on).

What's the deal here? I'm not THAT fast and in terms of road riding I'd consider myself average pace at best compared to most of the road riders I've seen around Melbourne (the pace seems pretty good around here, especially for a mountain biker). I'm not even riding a real road bike - it's a 10.2kg Scott S60 FB (flat bar) with crap components although I've got decent tyres. :-)

Is my info totally wrong and the actual race times are a whole load quicker? At this point I'm assuming so because I've never raced a road bike in my life. I'm not catching and passing everybody I see up there either.

Can anyone comment?

Thanks! :-)

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Welcome to Melbourne. Glad you're enjoying it. From your boulie times, you'd better enter A grade. ;-) Blackburn Cycle Club runs time trials up there over winter; results here: http://www.blackburncycling.org.au/

The top end of A grade does 2 laps (from near Walmer St - you might see a line on the road - to the roundabout loop) in around 31 minutes. At another level, one of the young elite guys averaged 45kmh over 5 laps (I think) during the University Games. Don't know what time that got him, but you might be able to find it somewhere.
Hi weg - thanks for the reply! :-) When you say 2 laps, do you mean 2 complete laps, i.e. Walmer St to the roundabout *and back* twice in 31 minutes? That'd make the half lap I was talking about an 8 minute trip for them - awesome! :-)
Yep; 2 laps is Walmer St-roundabout-Walmer St x 2. And yes, they're great to watch. If you're talking one way, that makes more sense of your times unless you're Chris Horner out on the mtb for a change, hehe. Hope you've found your way around Lysterfield and You Yangs (and Yarra Trails off the boulie) if you're a mtbr; great facilities close to the city.

Its an interesting one ... ran into a couple of young cyclists (16 years old or so but guys who were training for the criteriums etc) at subway once and one of them mentioned that one of the pro's did it in about i think he mentioned 17 min ... which is pretty ridiculous when you think about it ... think going back to Walmer street from the roundabout is a little slower ... i took 10 min to get down to the roundabout and 13 to get back ... which implies some of these guys do the first leg in about 7 min possibly?

this should answer your question http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-ZN87-vjtc

Shane Miller did to laps of Yarra Bvd and did it in under 30min. The first lap took him all of 14.50. He's an A grade cyclist

You could also Strava or similar your ride, and quickly see your results against other riders.


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