I tend to use Albert Park as a training circuit (bike lane, not lake side dirt path) and occasionally measure my fitness progress against a best out of two runs. My personal best time around Albert Park is 11min 29sec with a wind speed of 5km/hr (note: I don't race! Casual biker here)


I'm very curious how that stacks up against cyclists. Anyone with some Albert Park stats they care to share? What's your max speed on a flat without a tail wind? *curious*

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Sorry for trying to be sociable. Might I draw your attention to the fact that post was nearly a year ago? Sheesh.

I am appalled to think that I might be the only one here who thinks it's wrong to race, either in groups or against the clock, on public roads or shared paths, even on bike paths!!  Conditions are bad enough without having to cope with idiots who are not prepared to slow down when they should.  It might be okay to "train", but not to race.  On the weekend I left my bike home and enjoyed time in the Fed Square/Southbank area.  I was amazed at the number of riders who think it's okay to ride at 40kmh + on a shared path.


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