I tend to use Albert Park as a training circuit (bike lane, not lake side dirt path) and occasionally measure my fitness progress against a best out of two runs. My personal best time around Albert Park is 11min 29sec with a wind speed of 5km/hr (note: I don't race! Casual biker here)


I'm very curious how that stacks up against cyclists. Anyone with some Albert Park stats they care to share? What's your max speed on a flat without a tail wind? *curious*

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I've ridden Albert Park, but never timed myself. Got me curious now :-)

I wonder what this guy's is? ;)


Mr Webber did it in 1:26.831. ;-)

RB really does give him wings.

I've ridden around the park.  I think around 15min is my best.  I will have to time it and get back to you

Put a mark on the road for a start finish line& tell us where it is & next time I'm down there I'll give it a go, or maybe if the car race start line is still there, use that.

Max speed varies so much, yesterday I got up late, had a big breakfast and then forced myself out the door with a chest cold & probably maxed at about 45kmh, but in ' perfect' conditions I could probably squeeze out 55kmh, I've never set out to try so don't really know. I'll check it out one day when I'm feeling better!

Average time is just a little under 10 mins allowing for traffic and short section of shared footpath at the corner of Lakeside Drive  and Albert Park Drive.  Am sure some could do a whole lot better, as these old legs ain't what they once were.

I rode around Albert Park on my geared unicycle a few times, KERS wasn't working so yeah... didn't qualify that well! :)

What route do you take? I have only driven through Albert Park or gone there to play hockey, but on those occassions it has seemed that there was no continuous route around the Park.

I usually:

  1. Start at the set of lights just outside the Powerhouse Function Center and follow the bike path north west along Lakeside Drive. 
  2. Near the end of Lakeside Drive I swing onto a shared bike/walk path that gets me onto Albert Park Drive.
  3. At the end of Albert Park Drive I turn left onto Aughtie Drive.
  4. Follow Aughtie Drive all the way along until it becomes Ross Gregory Drive.
  5. Turn left at Lakeside Drive and finish at the lights.

Voila: http://www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/Albert-Park-Circuit518741

I recently started training around Albert Park Lake on the bike after 2 years of not being able to run due to injuries. Great conditions this morning enabling a PB of 8:56 and my HR peaked at 169bpm (92% MHR). There are some other guys who absolutely fly around, probably under 8 minutes which is now my ultimate goal!


This is the Albert Park Lake Ride segment on Strava.com.

Ridden 3215 times by 227 people


5.2 km
Avg Grade -0.2%
Lowest Elevation 25 m
Highest Elevation 39 m
Elev Difference 14 m
Men 00:07:26
Terry W.
Fri, Oct 29, 2010

Emma Carney
Tue, Nov 29, 2011


We should organise a quick group ride around Albert Park!


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