Hi anyone here from the brunswick/flemington area who's keen to ride weekends or even weekdays 40-100kms?.  I've lived in the area for 2 years now and have been riding on and off and Im tired of riding solo! Would really love to get more into it now the summer is approaching.  Can maintain around 26-30kms an hour. Really slow at the moment but aiming to go faster!  Have just done the Around the bay in a day 250kms but that was sufferfest as I didnt ride as much as I would love to.  Have been just riding in the bike paths nearby as I find it safer for me to do so when riding on my own but occassionally go to beach road .   Would love to go more on the rode with someone or a group.




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Hook up with the 'Flemington Inst of Sport' crew.

Err... Leave from the Doot at about 7:15am on a Sat, I think?


Yes the Flemington Institute of Sport group leaves from the Douta Galla hotel corner a few minutes after 7.00.  We are one of the groups on the Melbourne Cyclist web site and there are a few pictures.  Don't be put off by the name and you do not need to wear the FIS kit to ride with us.  We are just a group of cyclists who regularly ride to Mordialloc and back on Saturday morning and finish with a coffee at Di Bella in North Melbourne.  Also, there are usually a few who turn back at Black Rock if you want to try out on a shorter ride. 


Do you guys ride weekday mornings also Tony? I've just moved to the area and am in desperate need of a weekday morning crew.




Yes there are morning rides but I don't ride during the week with the group.  Go to FIS group on this web site and send Peter Shepheard a message.  He will have the details about start points, times and routes. 



Hi cory and tony! Thanks for the reply.  Will contact FIS one of these days if ever I decide to go.  the next 2 weekends as of now is going to be buzy.  Im also keen to ride weekdays if there such.  Sam how long do usually ride for?

Im in preston

Im not  Beach rd fan any more find it a little boring  now i don't mind the Boulevard kew and burnley its Short in comparison to Beach rd  theres Whittlesea along plenty Rd  

Altona along the beach front also

Hi micks!

Do you ride in kew during the weekend or weekday?  Havent tried whittlesea before and altona so would like to check that out as well.


Hi kriztalaWeekends suit me  Kew is close .Whittlesea is a nice road ride as is Altona  I have a Meetup site which has some rides posted http://www.meetup.com/Melbourne-Bicycle-Travel-Sport/ you are welcome to join and post some ideas

Hi there I am MickThe Organizer of http://www.meetup.com/Melbourne-Bicycle-Travel-Sport/  i have Ride starting in Flemington on the 8th Jan http://www.meetup.com/Melbourne-Bicycle-Travel-Sport/events/43971542/

Hi all

Will be staying in Flemington from the 9th - 15th Feb and hoping to get a few rides in.  Happy to do weekday mornings and Saturday of course!

Hi Mat I have ride planned for the sat 14th 9:30 am   starting from fairfeild station 

Hi mat,

Are you availble on friday am for a ride around 8ish?


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