Wanted: 100-130ish km loop within 90 minute drive from Melbourne

Hi all

I am looking for some advice.

I recently got my act together to get up and trained for the Mt Macedon challenge ride. I didnt end up doing it because I didnt think it would be a pleasant experience...(yes I piked it because of the weather).


Anyway, in the next month or so I want to get out of town and go do a hilly country road sportive type ride. Riding the same old roads is starting to diminish in excitement.


I need to have it done pre mid-Jan as life will get a bit hectic after this for a while.


Does anyone know of anyone good sportives coming up pre mid Jan?


Alternatively any good loops that are really easy to navigate for a first timer? (I wish I had a GPS!).


Would happily go do it without it being a set event but dont particularly want to get lost.


I also dont want to drive all day to get there, so within a 90 minute drive from Melbourne would be ideal.

Not asking for much am I?!


Is the Mt Macedon challenge route easy enough to navigate without marshalls etc?


Any ideas / suggestions would be great.




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Great, thanks Peter.

Might head up there next fine weekend day.

I did the Mt Macedon Challenge and thought the course was fantastic and would be a good challenge without the weather. It would certainly be worth heading out there on a dry day.
There's also Scotty's ride in Shepparton in early december (11th maybe?).
G'day Matt

Maybe checkout the Audax Rides Calender

Great rides, great routes, great company, great support, great price :)

Thats a great website, thanks Alan. I didnt realise Audax had rides on so frequently, looks fantastic. Strzelecki Ranges here I come!

Out of curiosity, how many riders tend to do each event?

G'day Matt

Depends but in my experience anywhere between 10 to 30. Some rides have a following and may get up to 100. Being the qualifying Audax (from 1st Nov) year for the 2011 Paris Brest Paris there may be more especially as there is a quota system in place for allocating the limited spots on the PBP, so folk are clocking up more kms to get in, then when I last did it when there was no quota. Audax riding is great cos you nearly always find someone/people of similar ability to ride with. It is not a race and about personal achievement and self reliance - If it breaks-You fix it. If you need it-You carry it. Very Audacious :)


One of my favorite rides is starting at Warrandyte and riding up to Kinglake and back. The climb from St Andrews to Kinglake is a nice steady climb with fantastic views. If you've read the latest issue of bicycling Australia magazine Trent Lowe from Garmin team has a feature article on the same ride but he continues from kinglake to healesville then back to Warrandyte, its about a 100km loop.

Thanks Justin (sorry about the delay in response!)


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