Anyone out there know why they closed the bridge this afternoon?  I'm guessing this won't be a quick fix since the fence is welded on.

I hope they got a warranty on the recent work!




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Really? You mean the N-S pedestrain/bike bridge at north end of Burnley St??? That's my ride home tonight....

Mark Donellan, any info?

Yep, the bridge that had "strengthening works that should serve the community for 10 years!"  Hmmmmm.


There were no notices or advanced warnings that I'm aware of... the other path on the South side than runs down to the river was still accessible, not that it's much help if you actually want to get across to the Boat House from Burnley St.


Hopefully Yarra City will provide some info soon.  Maybe it was a "safety issue."  Although sharing the road with the B doubles this morning, I think I would have rather taken my chances with a dodgy bridge.

The closure surprised me this morning on the way into the CBD. No detour signs, no information as to why the bridge was closed or for how long it would be closed. Imagine the outcry if a major road used by cars was shut off without notice . I turned back along Kew Boulevard, over the bridge a km or two back then went by the brewery and back onto the Yarra Trail.


Walmer Street footbridge temporarily closed

7 January 2013

Council was alerted on Monday morning, 7 January, that there was a significant crack in a support of the Walmer Street footbridge and that the deck of the bridge had dropped on one side.

Council officers immediately visited the site and located the crack on the section of footbridge above the Kew embankment. Due to concerns regarding structural integrity of the bridge, it was decided to close public access to the bridge and to seek the advice of an experienced bridge engineer. The bridge engineer inspected the bridge on Monday afternoon and advised that the crack was a significant failure and confirmed that the closure of the bridge for reasons of public safety was necessary.

As a short term solution it is proposed to install temporary props to support the cracked section of the bridge in order that it can be reopened to the general public. It is hoped that the bridge will be reopened sometime next week. A detailed investigation into the long term solutions for this bridge will be undertaken.

As part of the Main Yarra Trail this bridge is extensively used by pedestrians and cyclists, and Council apologies for any inconvenience caused by its closure but public safety is paramount. The closest alternative river crossings are:

  • Gipps Street footbridge, Abbotsford – to the west of Walmer Street
  • Victoria Street bridge, Richmond – to the east of Walmer Street

If you require any further information regarding this matter please contact Council on 9278 4444."

I recall that the bridge was closed for major structural works about two years ago,for at least a few months.When it was finally reopened the press release was to the effect that the bridge was now structurally sound and would be for the next decade. Doesn't time fly !

I appreciate the update.  Hopefully the repair will be easier than the strengthening works.

Reopened this afternoon - 

January 9: City of Yarra -The Walmer Street footbridge has reopened
after a two day closure.

Officers from the City of Boroondara immediately closed the river
crossing on Monday 7 January after they were alerted to a significant
crack in a support on the Kew side of the footbridge.

Temporary supports were installed by the City of Boroondarra on
Wednesday afternoon to stabilise the bridge, allowing it to reopen to
pedestrians and cyclists.

The crack on the section of the bridge above the Kew embankment had
caused the deck of the bridge to drop to one side.

The City of Boroondara will manage the long-term repair work needed to
fix the crack.

For further updates on this project, visit Boroondara's website.

Update: 9 January
Work started this morning installing supports around the cracked section
of the bridge. The bridge was reopened in the afternoon.

More information
If you require any further information regarding this matter please
contact Council on 9278 4444.

According to signage, they're closing it down again today!  Maybe the councils should request Federal funding for a tunnel, since it seems like this bridge is not capable of handling the heavy traffic anymore. 

Riding past the brewery is doing nothing to encourage my committment to staying fit.


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