I have some touing maps for europe from a trip last year which i no longer need. If anyone is intereted in them they're yours for the cost of postage, or free if you come and pick them up (or can meet me somehwere convenient). The full list of maps is below:

France: IGN 1:100,000 topo
20 - Paris Orleans
26 - Orleans Tours
55 - Bordeaux Mont-De-Marsan
62 - Bayonne Mont-de-Marsan
62 - Pau Bayonne

Spain: Michelin Zoom ~1:100,000
115 Cote dÁzure
122 Costa Brava

Cycline - Cycling Atlas of Tuscany (1:100,000)
Touring Club Italiano 1:200,000
10 - Lazio
11 - Puglia
Authentic Sardinia tour guide
Michelin 1:200,000
266 - Sardegna

Bikeline guide book to the Berlin - Kopenhagen trail

All are in english except the Berlin Copenhagen trail guide which is in German, but still understandable for someone who only speaks english.

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do you still have the maps of France available?
I am planning a trip there next year.
Did you take your own bikes with you?
We are looking at that option or maybe hiring bikes in France
Many thanks
Hi Jeff, i do still have the maps of france but unfortunately i packed them into storage on the weekend since i didn't seem to be getting any replies here.

I took my own bike, flying with BA was simlpest as they have (well, had at the time in 2008) a decent bicycle policy. You could carry a bike for free up to 23kg in addition to your normal luggage allowance as long as it was packed properly. Compare that to QANTAS which charges $50 per kg over your standard allowance with no additional allowance for bikes. It would have cost about $1000 for my bike (packed in a box with vaarious accessories) at those rates!

France was great to on the bike, courteous drivers on country roads and trains with bike rackes installed. It usually cost a few extra euro for the train but the facilities were worth it.


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