This will be the most serious question raised on the forum for a considerable time I am sure.

Being new iphone 4 users we are looking for

  1. The Tour de france kalxon as a ringtone - the same as  SBS uses at the start of its coverage and the police use all the time at TDF. Apparently iphone 3 had it as a  standard tone
  2. Good apps for cyclists - free and otherwise


Hope we can learn form those who have been there before.





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You don't use MP3s as iPhone ringtones, you use M4A files. You need to attach your iPhone to your PC, run iTunes, drag the ringtone (M4A file) to the "Tones" playlist on the left side of iTunes and sync.

To make it easier try the attached file it is in the M4A format ready for your Iphone. I just received an Iphone from work today and at the moment I am a long way off adding ringtones. Service at my place is pretty bad so it may not last anyway.

Let me know if you want this file modified a bit. I will have a look for the bike bell for Chris.

CycleMeter - an extensive GPS cycle computer with courses and time comparisons. Idiot Proof and clever.

Steve, can you provide a little detail on CycleMeters "Automatic stop detection removes stopped time from your statistics."


How is this set/controlled/detected (any user settings)?


Also, are the saved routes analaysable (eg at 23.1km mark, time elapsed was 20:35 minutes)?


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