This will be the most serious question raised on the forum for a considerable time I am sure.

Being new iphone 4 users we are looking for

  1. The Tour de france kalxon as a ringtone - the same as  SBS uses at the start of its coverage and the police use all the time at TDF. Apparently iphone 3 had it as a  standard tone
  2. Good apps for cyclists - free and otherwise


Hope we can learn form those who have been there before.





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I have three cycling apps:


Cycling tips, which I rarely use because it is too slow.


RiderLog, which is fun for mapping shorter rides, but I am not big on keeping track of these things so only really use it to map changes to my commute, which reminds me I should record the new way home tonight.


Cyclingnews, which is good for checking the results of the Giro of a morning without getting up.


Awesome, thanks for the linkage...




Love them both

I've tried three ride loggers on an iPhone; RiderLog, runkeeper and endomondo

RiderLog is good if you want to map your route but not really have much access to the data afterwards, it all goes to BV so you get the warm'n'fuzzies and they get the rider info -- also seems to flatten the battery more than other ride loggers.

Runkeeper had some minor annoyances, I can't remember what but it made me try endomondo

Endomondo seems to do what I want

Having said all that, I've had a garmin 705 for a lot longer than the - work-provided - iPhone, so I tend to use the garmin for ride logging and either use RiderLog for short rides or don't bother with any of the iPhone apps at all.


SnapSendSolve or NeatStreets are great for reporting problems like potholes, trees down, dangerous road surface,  to VicRoads/councils etc.  My personal preference is NeatStreets eg

They take the hassle out of knowing which body to contact and in my experience the councils seem to treat the reports that they get this way a little more actively than the treat phone calls or emails.



Actually, while on this topic, anyone found a route logger (free) that has any fucntionality to pause ride/trip time when speed is under some (user-specified?) value?


Obviously a bike computer works off trye rotation, so its automatic, but with GPS inaccuracy, a little trickier.

Try this ringtone just knocked it up using sound effects
Ha ha. Thanks for that, it'll be a nice surprise next time someone phones my wifes iPhone!!
Obviously most of you missed the air horn ring tone attached to my last comment. I am surprised none of you have commented. If you would like me to edit it a bit more or render to another format let me know.

Not bad Jack.. Gave me an idea to download a classic bike bell for my phone. I think if used your one my phone might get stuffed somewhere that it won't be heard.


Chris here is a bike bell this time i have uploaded both formats MP3 and M4A

Thanks all.


More basic iphone help - I have downloaded the MP3 (thanks) but can't see hwo toe set the inphone 4 to use it as a ringtones Inside settings >sounds>ringtone it offers the standrd sounds and buy more which takes me to the apple store.


How do I point it to use the MP3 on the phone?


Cheers - iphone challenged


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