Todays forecast - Fog then sunny 14°C - 26°C - "Riden Weather"

Awesome day for a ride.

Get out there and let us know what you did.

You might be surprised who's interested to read about your rides.

I know I am.

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I rode with my two girls to Diamond Creek along the Diamond Creek trail. Had a custard tart and coffee at the bakery, up to the skate park for a look and then back home. A nice 11km ride.

Well i got me a new bike today so i had to have a lil ride lol just ova 10kms was a beaut day for a ride just a pity i sold my old bike haha, anyways have to get use to the gears sheehhh 24 all i had before was 7 internal i was a lil peeved, but thats life.

No time to get on the bike today planning to go for a spin in the morning.


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