Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this forum. I'm just about to move over to Melbourne from Adelaide. I was just wondering if anyone knows what time in the afternoon trains heading out of the city start to become full enough that it is awkward to bring a bike on board.

I'll have the freedom to shift my start and finish times around to avoid peak times, but need to give my new boss a bit of a heads up before I go over as to what times I want to work.



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Depends where you are departing from/heading to. Since bicycles are "meant" to travel in the last carriage, I haven't found it to be a problem. If the previous service is cancelled, then it becomes an issue.

Leaving the City Loop/inner suburbs before 4.30pm should be ok in my experience

Avoid the first carriage, the one behind the driver. I think the fine for using that on is about $350.00


I do not use public transport but I do remember a mention about avoiding transporting your bike on a train during peak times. Someone else will have that answer.

Depends on where you are going to and on which line you are traveling on, bikes are allowed on trains at anytime although you should use the last carriage in peak travel and that is from around 4.00 pm on wards to around 6.30 pm after that you can use any that you feel like, the front carriage is used for wheelchair traffic and or prams.so try not to use the front of the train. You do not have to pay extra for your bike.

Departing the city after 6pm on my line (Upfield) isn't usually too bad, unless the weather is grim or there's some kind of service interruption.

There are secure bike cages at some stations:


So you might be able to avoid taking your bike on the train, depending on your travel needs.


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