I am looking for a touring in february. I really want travel around Autralia by bycicle, but I would like to find a partner or a group. Please, if anyone know where can I find people let me know.

Thanks very much,


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HI Ricardo,

Awesome idea. I'm looking to do a return trip but from Melbourne, e.g. Melbourne to Sydney and back.

Hi Nick,


Amazing! When are you planning to do that? Because I might come back by bycicle.




I'm riding from Barinsdale to Sydney leaving on the 14th. Going inland via Jindy and Cooma. Will be in melb for the weekend too, so looking to do a long ride out and back on the Sat or Sun before. Will post closer to the date and see what rides are on tho!

Thanks very much Will, we keep in touch. All the best!

Hi Will,


Me and James Elliot are living Melbourne tomorrow. We probably will be around Barinsdale on 10 or 11 of february. Would like to join us? We are going up to Sydney and after Gold Coast. See u!





hey I'm cycling from Melbourne to the Gold coast...

this is what I'm doing


I am cycling from Melbourne on the 7th of february and arriving on the Gold Coast on the 27th of february, 20 insane days for cycling to raise money for starving children in East Africa. 

Cycling 100+ k's per day along our diverse coastline and through our countries - an insane task for someone who has never cycled before
but if you can't you must and if you must you can!.


GO ONTO - www.4freedom.com.au 

Follow the links and Donate what you can, also show your support by going ontohttp://www.facebook.com/4Freedom.au and liking the page. 

Thank you for your Support, please don't hesitate to pass the web address onto anyone you know who would be interested, cycling clubs or any people you know in press that can help raise awareness

It sounds amazing, I loved your idea!

I really thinking about to take the airplane from Sydney to Melborne and go with you.

I would like to ask some questions:

Which route did you choose?

What is your plan to sleep?

How much prepared are you to ride +100km?

Do you plan get some days to rest?

If you want send to me an e-mail with you telephone, then we can talk about better. ricardo_amj@hotmail.com


I can send to you some information about myself by e-mail, but I am quite that I can do that!

Thanks very much!


If you want tips, advice and route details, we travelled this route as part of our Brisbane to Sydney to Melbourne cycle tour in Dec 2011. We took 6 weeks or so to complete the whole route - our trip log and route can be found here.

We mainly travelled along the coast but I would strongly recommend the short inland detour along the Barry Way between Buchan and Jindabyne - it was awesome (see picture).

We completed the Barry Way on a road touring bike with tough tyres as it is unsealed - but is completely passable (in the dry). We also camped most of the way, with the occasional motel. Good luck guys!


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