Did you guys discuss this study?

Can't find it any discussions about it on this website but considering the study originates from Melbourne i thought it would be a good idea to hear it straight from the horses mouth....


Any thoughts?

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No point in saying the cars must leave a metre gap when that would often force them to intrude into the oncoming lane - our bike lanes are often woefully narrow and poorly arranged with regard to parked cars. As a driver I often swerve out to leave plenty of room for a cyclist, but sometimes it is impossible. As for early indication, aren't cars supposed to signal 30m before a turn - somebody might know the correct rule for this?
Fortunately, when it is not safe to pass a cyclist as per the statutory minimum requirement then the passing is not permitted. And yes sometimes this will require motorists to carefully and respectfully "tail" the riders(s) until it is safe to pass.
My thoughts on hearing about this study were along the lines of at last they are waking up. A bit of a sense of relief whereas before most of the time someone was blaming the cyclists.
I still have a problem with the methodologies and tiny sample. A larger study, over a longer period and using permanent CCTV infrastructure at major blackspots may well bite us in the arse.

That said, it's pretty damning on face value.
A few of my mailing list mates found the stats hard to believe and criticised the article for portraying cyclists as saints.

This was my reply:

"Cars causing nearly 9 out of 10 accidents is very hard to believe.

That study did not include pedestrians, the main aim of that study was "to determine the main causes of road accidents between cyclists and motorists."

The reality is all road users make mistakes, but the problem is Automobiles turn small mistakes into potentially life threatening scenarios.

The study was performed in Melbourne, Australia.

According to hospital data 3 out of 10 Melbourne cbd cycling accidents are caused by car doors. Give motorists benefit of the doubt and split the leftover 7 and its still 65% car 35% cyclist. Factor a one tonne complacency bubble into that equation and cars would no doubt be getting closer to 9 out of 10.

According to hospital data 40.7% of Sydney cbd accidents are caused by car doors.

Thats a lot of accidents caused by cars that aren't even moving."

Of course besides the occasional punch the face, according to hospital data nearly 0 out of 10 motorist accidents are caused by cyclists.

Motorists don't need to go to hospital when a cyclist makes a mistake.


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