Hi all, it is nice to see groups appearing made up from members of the site however. A lot of Melbourne Cyclist members spend a lot of time alone and in my case I really do not get out enough and enjoy the cycling. A couple of things I have found though to encourage me to get out more was first to purchase a Sport GPS to log my rides and give me some satisfaction plus a permanent record of all the places I have ridden. 

Recently I registered on the STRAVA site and using an Iphone started to record and upload rides. I then realised that the site would accept files in the Garmin .tcx format so I plugged in the Garmin Forerunner and all of the rides still in memory were uploaded onto the STRAVA site. I then started to notice that many of the rides I have done have challenges and in most of them my ranking was pretty poor which is probably understandable considering my age and weight. But it was still interesting to see how the other riders registered with STRAVA handled a section. Here is an example of some sections created in the Canterbury area:

Anyone can create a section but the most important thing is that when a section has been created if you choose to compete in them each time you enter one your time is compared with everyone else that has ridden the same section. You can also compare your performance against the leader of the section and another interesting part of the program is that you can compare yourself to another rider. In my case I expect i would do a little better if I was a paid up user then I would be able to compare my performance against other riders the same age and weight as myself.

I hope this group does start to take off and I urge all Iphone, Android and Garmin owners to get onboard.

If you do register with STRAVA make sure you join the Melbourne Cyclist Group listed in the Clubs section.

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I created an account on Strava using my hotmail address.

And I'm trying to load the app Jack and it says I have no android devices associated with this account.

I'll think about it and try again later.

Cheers, Chris

I got it working Jack and uploaded one ride yesterday morning.

So far it looks good. I'll try to use it more often.

I've logged about 200km on it so far.

Need more people to follow though.

All the people the site suggests are elite riders.
Why would I want to follow them?

Strava is for "athletes". It's not so much for other cyclists such as those using bikes for transport or utility. It's not even really for those who ride recreationally.

It is interesting being able to compare performance. But, what measures would these other cyclists use for comparison: - weight carried over a particular distance or elevation? - number of cyclists ridden with at once? distance on road vs distance on path?

I would strongly disagree with what you are saying. Ok there are a lot of elite cyclists using Strava and other similar logging programs to compete against each other. 

In my case I do not compete or commute but it is really nice to see my exercise rides logged and compared to previous rides over the same route. This gives me some personal challenges to better next time I pass that way.

As for comparing performance in my case I do not rate well and at 59 and over 90kg  there is no real benefit in comparing myself with someone a 1/3 my age and fit as a fiddle. But there are other riders who ride the same routes and are at a similar level to me so it is a challenge to improve over them at least.

Before signing up to strava I just uploaded my data onto the computer plus Garmin Connect and basically kept a record of where I had been how long and how fast. Now I can see how many others perform doing a similar ride.

What is your definition of "athlete"?

Probably the same as yours?

Interesting comment:


Strava is for "athletes". It's not so much for other cyclists such as those using bikes for transport or utility. It's not even really for those who ride recreationally.


If you have a look at Strava and browse around you'll find a lot of recreational cyclists and commuters are using it.


It is an interesting comment. It's what "they" say!

Oh, by "they" do you mean the Stava "about" page?


It doesn't say it's not for those using bikes for transport or utility.

Nor does it say it's not even for those who ride recreationally.

If not the about page can you let me know who "they" are and where "they" say it?

So the main reason it was developed, and being marketed is for athletes.

It doesn't mean it can't be used by other people who find it useful or interesting.

Is there anyone else on this site using Strava?

My email to search for is mtbfarmer@hotmail.com

It would be nice  to have a few more people to follow with similar interests.

Cheers, Chris

I use it and love it - as an accountant, I love numbers and analysing results. Like Jack, I am an advanced teenager (I lie) and have spent many decades in a good paddock. Strava results encourage me to trim down and go faster.

I have a competitive streak, I like to see what I can achieve and then compare my efforts against myself and others.  

I am thinking I should get the paid app so I can compare on a weight for age basis,

Norman Partington


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