Hi Melbourne Cycling Community,

Last Thursday I had the unfortunate experience of walking down to the underground carpark of my apartment block, and finding that my road and mountain bikes had been stolen. 

The road bike is a significantly upgraded and customised Fuji Roubaix and the mountain bike is a Ghost Lector 5800. I purchased the mountain bike online last December from Chain Reaction Cycles in the UK, they don't sell them here and they have a pretty distinctive look - take a look at attached pics.

If you see these around anywhere (I am from Hampton - but they could be anywhere by now!) please contact me via this website. 

These bikes meant a lot to me, and I'd love to get them back. Despite the money involved, I think we get emotionally attached to our bikes and so, at the moment, I kinda feel like I'm missing an arm or a leg!

Thanks, and keep your bikes safe. As I now know - scumbags lurk around every corner!

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So sorry to hear about it. A number of people join this site every week because their bikes have been stolen, it's very upsetting. Melbourne must be in the middle of a bike theft wave.

I know it doesn't help you now, but I always urge people not to store bikes in apartment carparks, they are a very popular target. 

Hi Damian, yes, I've been a member for a while and I too have seen many similar posts. In hindsight, I wish I had taken notice for myself and stepped up my security methods.

I think from now on, the only safe place for my bikes will be inside my apartment, which creates space issues, but we'll have to just make do.

Maybe there is a bit of a bike theft wave going on at the moment... I would love to know what they do with them, and how they offload them. Ebay and Gumtree is now useless to them because they can be caught easily. They must have other methods.

I am also going to get myself a new lock - these D locks seem to be the Business! http://www.cellbikes.com.au/Kryptonite-M-18NX-New-York-Lock

Sorry for your loss mate,I would be devasted if i had my stolen, but have you heared of www.mybikerego.com maybe when or iff you get your bike back it might be a wise investement.

Thanks Peter, I was not aware of this. It is a brilliant idea - I definitely will be registering my bikes in future... if the insurance company ever comes through that is!

Hi again, I have already registered my Bike it only costs approx $33.00 per year, you upload photo's and Serial No#, Colour and any extras you may have added.

This is a product that might be of interest. http://thebikebox.com.au/

Looks like a good solution for storing bikes in apartment carparks if space inside is at a premium.


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