My black Kona hybrid was stolen somewhere between 12pm and 5pm today. It was locked with a bright green lock outside the atheneum theatre and bistro dorsey. No one saw anything apparantly. It has a basket rack on the back, basket is at home, a back light, no front one cause I took it off in case it was stolen, funny right! and a red POW! character old style bell my mate got from france for me :(( If anyone knows anything please let me now


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Do the usual things - check cash converters/pawn shops immediately, make a police report & tell them the frame no. if you know it (most people don't, but it is a good thing to record as the police do check the second hand dealers.) Try the CC's in Smith st, if it's drug related it may go there for a quick turnover. What type of lock was it?

Good Luck!

Try CashConverter's on Eliz St too.

Any pix?

Did you report it to the police?

I had mine stolen for Lonsdale street in November 

I have been looking on gumtree and ebay to see if someone is selling it I would recommend you do the same.

also try the corner of moor and smith street there is a clearance place their that sell second hand stuff and has a few bicycle out the front


Yeh, I had a bike stolen a few months ago, and then found it, and the police still have it. Not having recorded the serial number has made the whole process a lot more difficult. And being an alomst stock bike made it worse (the pics I had of mine looked like all the other pics on the net, luckily apart for the seat post which was slightly and noticably different).

Record your serial numbers people... and good luck Jodie. Keep an eye out, that's how I found mine. (not that it has done any good because I still don't have it and may never get it back..)

Another great idea is to personaise you bike,

I painted love hearts on my giant bike on the front and back of the frame with nail polish.

The one that got stolen have her name written in pencil and then some pink nail polish in an obscure location so that if I ever wanted to prove she was mine I could

I wish I had done that with the one that was stolen from me... maybe not love hearts though :)  Purple and yellow flowers maybe?

too cool for the red love hearts Chris, my bike Gypsy is totally rocking them.

Don't laugh at this, this is a huge craze in the US of getting ones name engraved on the frame.

All good until you sell it.. I saw a "Kos Kruiser" BMX on Ebay with "DALE" stamped in the matchbox section behind the BB. Sort of de-valuled a very collectable bike.

Having said that, I have my license number engraved on one of my bikes.

Which may not help because the one that was stolen, and I got back, has the serial number filed off.

So I assume they would also have filed off any name or license number.

It was also re-sprayed, so any flowers would have gone too.

And the last bike that I had stolen in the 80's was also found missing the serial number (and I still have it)

See if this link works...


Hi all, I finally got my stolen bike back today.

It was stolen from my garage in August. With low expectations I reported it to the police mainly so it would show up in the stats and help in some small way. The police were actually very thorough and followed up on a few things. Then in October I spotted someone riding it to the shops where he left it while he went in. I called the police and then chased him on foot when he came out and rode off. He wouldn't wait when I asked him to and looked concerned that I'd asked... The police arrived as he rode into a nearby house and after a bit of back and forth they took the bike back to the station.

I put a lot of effort into demonstrating that it was my bike. It was pretty much stock aside from a few little things so looked like any other bike of the same model would after a quick and nasty re-spray. I didn't record the serial number which didn't matter because I found out today that it has been ground off.

Overall I was very happy with the police and the effort they put into it. Far exceeded my original expectations.

There are some before and after pics:


So yes, record serial numbers, and also take a lot of pictures. Change a few things on stock bikes, and take pictures. Some other good ideas people have told me are to put paint inside the seat post tube, engrave the frame inside the steerer or bottom bracket tubes, or engrave or paint the inside of the rim (under the tyre).

Now I have a bit of work getting the paint off and re-spraying it.

During the spray job, he put the brakes on wrong so the return spring was not operating. The brake lever was way too high and must have been awkward to ride. The headstem is loose and the front wheelnuts were not even finger tight.

The whole episode goes to show the lack of mental capacity of that end of the gene pool...

That is really great news that the police did the yards in getting the bike returned. Bad though about the paint job though. It may keep you off the bike for a bit so I can catch up on the K's you are in front of me ( I must be dreaming!)


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