What you reckon pplz?

At first, I thought they were going for a Mondermannesque shared space - especially with the cyclist bit, but then the paint arrived (today?)


The paint makes the intentions pretty clear.

Do, so you think it'll work? ish?

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Wondering how many bike crashes due to bikes 'falling' of that 'step' in front of the library avoiding walkers....


About to ride up and have a gander but, am I imagining it or do those rumble strips not extend the whole way across?

I think the idea is the space beyond the 'piano keys' is for getting on/off a tram.

I've ridden it a few times in the past few days, but this arvo was the first time I've done it in peak.

There were four trams in a row, all stopped so passengers could get on/off.  I'm not sure how much was prompted by the performers/umpires/coaches there for this, and next week, but all the cyclists seemed to wait while tram doors were open, and then once shut, filtered forwards at a low speed until it the trams started, and then it was normal riding.

Seemed to work quite well.

The other non-peak times then yeah, there's been the odd meandering pedestron but then, that was pretty normal for that stretch anyway.

Going off the gutter/step. meh.  It'll happen, but I can't see it being that much of a statistic.


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