Snap Send Solve iPhone (and now Android) app for reporting issues in bike lanes

Has anyone else used the iPhone app Snap Send Solve to report problems with bike lanes?
My company made the app for reporting issues to councils, but I'm a daily cyclist so I've been trying to use it to report problems with bike routes.

For example, I've been annoyed by a lump of concrete in the middle of the bike lane on
Canterbury Rd in Melbourne for ages, so the other day I took a photo of
it with Snap Send Solve and it got sent off to the council.

That afternoon I got an email from some road engineering company saying it
was being actioned and the next morning on my ride I noticed it was
Anyone else have any experiences with it?

Heres the website for the app (its free) -


Heres the direct link to the new Android version -

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Thanks barefoot

Have updated the app on the market and sent you and email, please let me know how you go.

Eytan, apologies don't mean to hijack your thread, just trying to help out.


Hi Barefoot,

Just following up on your trail with the Neatstreets Android App? How did you go?

Any feedback would be appreciated.


I use it, on an HTC Desire (Android 2.2)


Functionally, it's great, and they've just given you the ability to snap/GPS now, and report later (yay).


However, it's slow as a wet week.  I mean, the desire isn't the rocket it used to be, but it still isn't too shabby either.

Very happy with this app thus far! Ps riders log sucks, ilogmyride infinitley superior.....

Hi Everyone,

Just letting you know that we just released Snap Send Solve for Android.

Its a quiet launch while we work on improving some features - but would be great if everyone that asked for an Android version could give it a go and let me know how you find it!


Heres the link

Just used it this morning.  Certainly a LOT quicker to respond than NeatStreets

(HTC Desire).

Just to clarify - when you say "respond" do you mean in terms of App responsiveness (i.e changing views on button clicks etc), or response on the issue from councils/authorities etc. If it's the former you could trying posting some feedback (on either the app or website) for the developers to improve. Whilst snapsendsolve has potential as does look impressive on the android, I had some issues running this on the nexus s. It's currently unusable as the only way to exit the app is reboot the phone. happy to help test if you give me a new apk Eytan?



Hi Rich,

Update should be out in a few hours that should fix the nexus s issues.

Will let you know when its out.

That did it - works very well, nicely presented app that works well. Good work.

Speed on the device.  And yes, have provided feedback over a number of versions.  It's better than it was, but it's still not great.

The response from authorities varies, dep on the council and what is reported, I guess.  On the whole, however, with NeatStreets I've had a good success rate for getting things fixed.  I'd say this would be similar (just sends an email to the appropriate authority, with the data/pic etc, after all).

cool - thanks - will take that feedback on board (don't actually work for the guys any longer but still have an interest in supporting the android as best i can)
Snap Send Solve update is out in the marketplace now - should fix the issues you have been experiencing - let me know how you go with it


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