Snap Send Solve iPhone (and now Android) app for reporting issues in bike lanes

Has anyone else used the iPhone app Snap Send Solve to report problems with bike lanes?
My company made the app for reporting issues to councils, but I'm a daily cyclist so I've been trying to use it to report problems with bike routes.

For example, I've been annoyed by a lump of concrete in the middle of the bike lane on
Canterbury Rd in Melbourne for ages, so the other day I took a photo of
it with Snap Send Solve and it got sent off to the council.

That afternoon I got an email from some road engineering company saying it
was being actioned and the next morning on my ride I noticed it was
Anyone else have any experiences with it?

Heres the website for the app (its free) -


Heres the direct link to the new Android version -

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There's a chance I'll be getting an iPhone via work sometime in the near future, if so I'll give it a go. Been reporting various damaged or dangerous "bike facilities" to Monash Council since about 2002 and they've been ignoring them since... about 2002. Not entirely convinced that reporting them via iPhone will suddenly turn it around, but its got to be worth a try!
I was going to suggest to BV that it would be really good if snapsendsolve functionality was integrated into RiderLog.

This wouldn't too hard since your company is the same company that makes RiderLog and you are on the board of BV? Interesting that this is not mentioned on the BV website.
Hi Sam,
That is a good idea that you should take up with BV as they are the owners of RiderLog.
Just to be completely transparent, I am a board member of Bicycle Victoria and a Director of Outware Mobile who developed RiderLog.

In line with BV policy, all board members conflicts of interest are declared and I absent myself from any board discussions where RiderLog is discussed.

If you have any other questions/suggestions about RiderLog feel free to contact BV directly.
RiderLog AND SnapSendSolve...

Android? :S
You would have to speak to BV about RiderLog but it is in the works for Snap Send Solve.


Any news as to how long "the works" might be for the Android version?


For the 'Droid users, there is an app (available in the market) called "Neat Streets", which seems to do much the same thing as Snap Send Solve.


Having not used either I can't really comment on nor compare them, other than the obvious difference that one of them is released for Android and the other isn't. Eytan, do you have any comments as to the function/purpose/benefits of your app over theirs?

I'm keen to start using one or both of these. I have at least two reportable issues planned already :-D



Hi Tim,

We are in the process of developing an Android version - will let you know when its ready.

We feel that Snap Send Solve is accurate, easy-to-use, and puts you in direct contact with the council through email.

We are continually improving it so expect regular updates throughout the year.

Its free, so give it a shot and let me know what you think and if you have any ideas of how we could make it better.

[Cory awaits 'droid version too]
Its free, so give it a shot
Will do, just as soon as it's available for a non-glowing-fruit device... will be trying Neat Streets in the meantime.
Guess that rules out blackberry too ;)
will be trying Neat Streets in the meantime

Oh well, that was a short trial.

There's something not quite right about an app that runs so slowly - even on a low-end phone like mine - that I can't type in a description in my report at more than 2 characters per minute.

Looks like I'm waiting for SSS...

Doesn't sound like a pleasant experience Barefoot.

As the developer i'd like to offer a helping hand. I have another version of the app for low spec devices, if you would like to re-trail please let me know and i'll post it through.

Apologies for not maintaining performance across all spec devices, we changed the gps operation in the latest build, we seemed to be asking a bit much of some hardware, you're not running the Garmin by any chance are you? we have had one other complaint from the 900+ Androids users to date.


p.s there's a blackberry release also if interested. 




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