VicRoads wants you to have your say about how drivers and bike riders can share the road safely Victoria. Visit to take the quiz, watch the video, join the discussion and 'Like' the page to pledge your support.

Thank you!

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Made a conscious decision not to subscribe to Facebook or Twitter. It allowed me to view the video that I have already seen a couple of times but for the rest of it I can't participate unless I sign up or in using Facebook.

I am sure plenty of you out there will be clicking the appropriate boxes.  

It will be interesting to see what VicRoads take away from the discussions on Facebook, but in some ways it has further demonstrated how out of touch they are with the issues facing cyclists, particularly in relation to the video.  Starting a slanging match between drivers and motorists, doesn't really seem constructive in terms of promoting the safety message.

Fortunately the cyclists have been well represented, however Facebook didn't seem like the ideal platform to reach the wider community.

The nature of FB is not quite right for this - in that there should be a way for VicRoads to come in, state the rules/legislation, and lock it.  

So they initially post the question/video/comment/whatever, people reply, and then they can give the answer. Then they give the real answer.  Instead, the reality gets lost in the comments or [cough] trolling.


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