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"Let's increase the profile of cycling. Ride to Work on Census Day (Tue 9 Aug)

More and more Australians are cycling to work each day. Unfortunately, there is limited data to properly reflect the extent of bicycle usage across Australia because the census is only taken once every five years and at that, during winter.

By cycling to work on census day, you can raise the status of cycling in your local area and in doing so, encourage government funding for cycling infrastructure across Australia.

You may not cycle to work everyday, but if you do some of the time, please make sure your ride counts on August 9."

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No different than any other day for me - but yeah, if you are a somedays rider... think about making census day one of those days.


Does that mean since I stay at hometo work on tuesdays my usual bike & train won't count? Maybe I should just pretend it's any other workday.

Yep, you should. Find any excuse to be in at work on Tuesday, then ride there. ;-)


I'm in two minds about that, if you'd normally ride, then ride.  If you don't, then talking a whole lot of people into riding on census day makes it look as though X% of people ride when in reality they do not.  Take it to an extreme, if you want the census to say that more people ride bikes, how do you feel about simply getting everyone to lie and say they ride anyway?   Its a census, its meant to reflect reality.


But, considering the apparent bias in favour of motor transport seemingly held by the authorities, inflating the cycling numbers on census day might help redress the balance a little.


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