Redesigned cycling path - South Wharf / Melbourne Convention Centre


For those that commute or ride into the city west along Southbank past the Melbourne Convention Centre you've probably noticed that the previously separated paths for cyclists and pedestrians have been done away with and 2 shared use lanes created travelling in opposite directions.

Whilst I'm sure that this has been done with the right intent there are 2 issues with the new path that warrant a reconsideration of the thinking:

  1. There is a metal grate at the apex of the bend adjacent to Polly Woodside. I have no doubt that this will cause many cyclists to have an accident in damp or wet conditions. In fact I'd be surprised if this hasn't happened already. See attached photos.
  2. The merging of pedestrians and cyclists has created a far more hazardous journey between Seafarer's bridge and Clarendon St in the evenings. It's not an issue in the mornign given the low number of pedestrians. In my experience commuting in the evenings at ~ 6:15pm pedestrians and cyclists largely respected the separated paths, in just a few days of commingled user I've seen many more hazards than in 5 years of commuting down the separated paths. I'd love to see the data that suggested it would be safer blending the users ... in my opinion there will be a much higher incidence of accidents between cyclists and pedestrians than previously

The 1st issue is not debatable and needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency before someone gets hurt, whilst I feel strongly about the second issue I expect that there will be different viewpoints.

I'm looking for some advice on how I can raise the issue with the appropriate council.



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Hi Martin,

My name is Sean I am the editor at Southbank Local News.

I agree with you. The new path has certainly been creating a great deal of confusion since it was put in.

I am interested in running something on this in our next edition. Would you be interested in discussing this further?

If so, please drop me an email:

I must admit that I am completely flumoxed by the new 'system'. Previously, if a pedestrian strayed into the bike section, it was an obvious and manageable risk. Now, regardless of which 'lane' you are in, there are pedestrians going both ways and crossing into either lane, not to mention cyclists. It's now not dis-similar to the chaos of Southbank TBH.

Oh, not as big as an issue as the grate on the apex of the bend, but the 'outbound'/westbound lane has now inadvertently exposed the ends of the stair metal handrails to cyclists... Unlikely, but could  have a cyclist trending left of walkers clipping the handrails....

Hi Alex, do you live or work in Southbank?

I am looking to run a story in our next issue am hoping to find a local cyclist who will comment on the changes?

If you can help or know someone who might be able please email me:

you do have to wonder who "designed" this mess.did they ever even leave their office for a look ?


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