Just looking for a gauge on this site as for the general view on whether it's OK for us to go through red lights?  I know it's illegal and all... but I see so many peeps ride straight through pedestrian crossings and smaller intersections without a care for that.  I'm concerned we all get tarred with the same law-breaker brush.  Should I only be concerned for my own safety (a la the arguments on whether to wear a helmet or not) or comply with road rules.  Interested in the cycling community's thoughts.

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I think peeps should stop at red lights. I'll continue to stop at most and ride through some.

This is SIMPLE you break the LAW you get fined SO DON'T BREAK THE LAW so simple Right. I see riders who don't wear helmets and go though RED LIGHTS so if you get CAUGHT PAY THE FINE.

I'll admit to running one this morning.

Well, it was 5:30am, and there was nobody around.... seemed silly to sit and wait in the cold for a few minutes.

Well Damian. At least you know the Law and i should say at 5:30am the should be a bit of give and take and these cold mornings i would do the same. just don't get caught lol.

I guess I'm just concerned that I don't get respect on the road as a legitimate user ‘cause of this apparent view road rules are an option for cyclists.  Probably should just get over it.

No I actually agree with you Stephen, I do stop at lights for exactly that reason. I also try to be courteous as well as predictable and I "get  along" pretty well with most motorists when I'm out riding.

I was being somewhat lighthearted with my other comment though, if there's nobody around at all then the red light doesn't really matter so much.

Frankly, traffic lights are a motorist's solution to a motorist's problem. Get rid of cars (and trust me, driving IS unethical in every way) and traffic lights become irrelevant.

That said, running the red is illegal and the fine for a cyclist is the same as the fine for a motorist, so don't do it. Note that fine scale, cycling through a red light is the same as driving through one. Cars kill and seriously injure people every day, even while being operated according to instructions in the owners manual and complying with the law. Only 2 people in all of the history of Australia have been "killed" in accidents that were the cyclist's fault.

If anything proved that road transport is a social justice and bigotry issue, it's that one fine.

And by "only two people", of course I mean those hit by the cyclist, not the cyclist themselves. 

Driving IS NOT! unethical Steve you just don't get it.

Hmmm, irony? Just in case it's not, and also because this is worth the share...

Randy Cohen: How Do Cars Kill? Let Me Count the Ways


"Randy Cohen, who wrote “The Ethicist” column in the New York Times magazine for over 10 years, defines ethics as “the effect of our actions on other people.” In this video he tackles our car culture. He argues when you drive, you harm other people – from accidents to pollution to foreign policy implications. What do you think?"

Driving is ethical? No, I just DON'T get it and probably never will.

I add as an afterthought that nothing Randy says about cars is untrue. In fact, every point he raises is widely documented fact. And every harm driving causes, be it local, specific and horrendous, or global, diffuse and incremental, is a harm to others, therefore unethical, 

Just finished watching the vido, this video is for AMERICAN CONSUMPTION! it has no relevance to our city whatsoever, just what sort of bubble do you live in? Does someone from say Wantirna who works in the city should have to ride a bike everyday in all kinds of weather? or Melton or Viewbank or any of the outer suburbs? who travel not only into the city but other places as well?. Most of his argumrnts are silly and superficial childish logic yes lets get rid of all the cars then we will see how society goes ok do think we can bennifit and the economy survive? I think not, I love cycling and I drive as well i walk and I use public traonsort i will use whatever I feel is the best most effective means of transport avaliable to me to get me to where I have to go. Cars are good used properly and efficiently and kept to the cleanest and economicaly they are the best form of transport around, as I say i live more than 30km outside the city so cycling on a daily basis to work is not an option also i work shifts finishing well past midnight on some occassions i wold like to see you do that on a bike travelling out at that time see howl ong it takes you you may get home in time to go to work the next day!.


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