Hello everyone,

Since I bought my 2013 Avanti Aria 3 about a year ago, I've had about 20 punctures, back and front tyres. I've replaced tubes, tyres, and consulted a range of different people, bike shops, repair experts, etc. and there seems to be nothing wrong with the bike, or the way I'm replacing the tubes.

After doing Around the Bay on Sunday and repairing 5 punctures (two tubes replacements and three repairs) in total, before giving up completely in absolute exasperation, I am looking at punctureless tyres.

Has anyone had any experience with Tannus tyres, which are apparently airless - http://www.tannus.com.au/ 

Anyone have any other recommendations? I need to do something about it! This bike is my only method of transport and I just can't rely on it! It's horrible!



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 No Tube No Puncture No useful information on that site.

The questions in my mind are: "How do these things ride, comfort-wise and efficiency-wise?", "How long will they last for the (unknown) price?" and "How much grip do they offer, especially in the wet?"

BTW, you don't say what tyres you are using yourself nor what is causing your punctures.

Continental and Schwalbe offer tyres that most people have trouble puncturing in normal riding. But you can puncture anything if you underinflate and ride into potholes.

Thanks Neil. I've just got standard, 700x28 tyres. The cause of the punctures is absolutely unknown. I've had many people, bicycle shops and bike experts look over the bike and there seems to be nothing wrong. I don't over- or under-inflate my tubes; I ensure there are no kinks or twists in the tubes; there's nothing wrong with the rims; I always check the tyres thoroughly before fitting new tubes. I ride on the road and then down on to a path mainly. No potholes or anything of note which could be causing a puncture.

I think I will investigate some tougher tyres. The price of the punctureless tyres is about $77 per tyre. Would be worth it if they work!

Further to Neil's questions and your feedback:

1/. Are they single hole punctures, or the dreaded 'snakebites' (two holes around the circumference of the tube at the same location). The later are commonly indicative of under-inflation.

2/. I assume you have very thoroughly checked the tyres (both inside and out) for foreign objects (tiny almost invisible embedded shards of glass in particular). Also, have you checked the protrusion of the spokes on the inside of the rims (they should be covered with rim tape)? Sometimes a spoke end may be exposed. Also, no exposed burrs/sharp edges in the rims?  Have you noted where the punctures generally are located - outside of the tube (road-facing) or inside (more likely indicative of rim issue)?

3/. I personally run Schwalbe Marathons, no punctures now in 2 years, commuting every day of the year.

4/. Another option to consider is tubeless (where the tire contains sealant instead of a tube). This automatically seals most holes (but not large ones/cuts). Many mountain bikers are moving towards this for the many benefits it brings. Generally needs either special tyres and/or rims.

BTW Lynsey thanks for the link to Tannus, I was unaware of such a product. FYI:



It would be worth doing a Google for more reviews on this product

Hi fir what it is worth I live in China more than Oz the last few tears and found that Continental 4000's have wirked well fir me with About 2,00k's without a puncture where ad with wirh 4 other brands I punpctured almost ever 2nd ride Most of the others in the group also have changed to the same tyres and all founf them to be great for puncture resitance with most of us doubg 200km plus per week.


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