I fell off last night cos of a pothole.
Was heading back from work and was on the last straight home.
Was dark but had some good lights on.
Car pulls out of a side street on left to turn right down same road Im on.
S/he prob should have let me go as I had to slow down.
As car was in my path (it slowed down to double check traffic coming from left), I was unable to see the pothole that the car was on top of.
Car pulled out, and I hit pothole at around 15-20kph.
Hands come off bars, hit the deck with my right knee and bike goes flying.
The car in question did pause, but then wizzed off.
Car behind it and some peds came to my aid, and got my bike onto the sidewalk.
I couldnt stand up for about 10min, but eventually freewheeled home.

Ok. So not the end of the world but im a bit pissed off, especially cos im not going to be able to ride for a good couple of weeks.

Bike is fine - front wheel needs a bit of truing but no bad damage other than grips.
Im alive - Ive had knee problems before so im def out for a couple of weeks (riding wise).
Im back at work today - although had to take tram (walk to tram was painful/took ages) and I work behind a desk, so im fine to work.
It would be unfair for me to blame the driver, as if the pothole was not there, I would have avoided crashing.

So - im not after sympathy, I was after a contact to let them know about pothole.
I walked past pothole this morning and its not a small one. Its around 15in deep, and around 30x30in size.

Seeing as im back at work, I have not visited a doc, no idea who witnessed it, bike is fine, I assume theres no point in me even thinking about compensation, right?

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Ouch. Glad you got thru it relatively unscathed.

Go and see Doc. You never know what the next few days may present.

Contact your local council. cc Bicycle Victoria. Look at http://www.bv.com.au/change-the-world/40862/
Thanks for that link. Im not a member of BicVic, but using those links, have emailed the local council an email detailing location of pothole and info about the accident.

I also went on to read further info about claiming compensation, this link in particular.

I did not get witness details, however im pretty sure they live on my street so might be able to hunt them down. I also now know where the car is parked (distinct car) however, as I said earlier, although the driver should have let me through (IMO) its still the pothole thats to blame, the driver is partially to blame.

I also have not contacted police as this would seem a bit over the top, its not exactly hit n run, and I am walking (hobbling).

Would like your thoughts on if you think its even worth taking further or do I just take the tram for the next couple of weeks and live with it? Ill try and see doc at weekend, but seeing as its just the knee, im pretty sure it will be a case of, "rest it till it gets better" If id torn ligmaents im pretty sure id know about it.
Best wishes for a quick recovery.
Similar thing happened to my wife on the Merri Creek path, she diverted around a nice old lady with her dog, onto the wide grass verge and crashed straight into a drain that was completely obscured by overgrown grass. The surface looked level.
Her collarbone is OK now,but was 6 months before she got in her bike again!

Moreland CIty Council initially did nothing, not even reply to my e-mail. Only after I contacted a councillor, did they then express some interest in her well being and proceeded to do very little about it.

So I suggest, give the council a few days to check out the pothole, then if you haven't heard back, contact one of the councillors. I reckon its also worth presenting them with a summary of your expenses and ask for reimbursement. They can only say yes or no.
Take some photos and report it in writing. If its a local road then report it to your council, otherwise to VicRoads. My girlfriend hit a big hole in the road, came off and wrote off her bike, VicRoads were very quick to pay for the repairs (ie replace the bike) and to fix the road.
Yes, good points.
Ill take wheel to bike shop and get them to true it.
Ill keep tram ticket receipts.
Ill try and get hold of those witnesses.
Ill wait to hear back from council........
Ouch! I know the feeling :) I ran afoul of a pothole in '90 - it was early and dark and I just didn't spot it. I hit the road with my right hand (took the flesh of the palm) and left knee (broke it). My left knee's never been the same since, although it doesn't stop me cycling, just gets a bit achy in cold weather.

By the way, does this forum support emoticons and signatures? This is my first post on the forum (just joined today).


- Victor.


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