Hey all, just quickly and I hope it helps. On my morning rides I used to be swooped by Maggies twice on my way to work. I never really used to bother and kept riding until last year when one slammed into the side of my helmet and almost knocked me off my bike.

By coincidence I bought a box full of goodies off ebay and inside there was a Spok light. Single red LED that strapped directly to one of the rear veins of my helmet facing rear. I used it over winter as it gave me increased visibility coz it was up high on my helmet.

Now I don't know if it will work 100% because I have not tried it specifically for this task but the section I ride where there are numerous Magpies, they have not tried to attack me once. I have the Spok light set to blink and wonder whether this also is helping.

All I know is the same section of my ride where I have been swooped at for almost 4 years now I haven't worried about at all this year (so far).

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There is a bad magpie in Burwood Highway Vermont South. I am waiting for an Ebay delivery of another deterrent. One that arrives I will test it out. I also have one of those lights it will be interesting to see if it works. 

A flashing LED could be enough to freak them out a bit, that's a really interesting theory. Would love to get some more data on that one :)

This morning I am sure I saw my usual magpie line me up but the minute I put my head down so the LED can be seen, NOTHING. No flapping wings, no brush of feathers as it swoops your helmet, NOTHING.

I don't know if I can quantify this, but it seems to be working and as far as I am concerned this is a good thing.

Finally had one attack me front on. As he went behind though I put my head down to show the LED and he stopped. I looked back and he came in for a second go but the minute I put my head down again, nothing. Wish I had a rear facing camera to see but it certainly felt like it helped.

Ps had a head wind so was going soooo slow (Mondayitis) he had plenty of time to have a go at me multiple times but didn't.


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