OK.... first of all this is not a rant about Gerry Harvey.

But..... i quite often shop online for bike stuff as i'm sure most of you all do also.  Today my bike rack arrived from a particular reliable online (Australian) bike retailer and like a kid on christmas i quickly ripped it open and went outside to attach it to my car (it is a towball mounted bike rack).  To my frustration the bike rack simply would not slip on.  I looked at the top of my tow ball and it said 50mm. I went inside to check the invoice that came with the rack and it said "to suit only 47mm (1-7/8") tow ball".

Bugger... i guess i'll have to go on ebay now and see if any one is flogging off this particular size towball.  As i scrolled and scrolled through the search results nothing appeared for that size here in Australia.  I then phoned a few auto and camping/caravan retailers, all of which don't stock that size.  I was then told by the last retailer i phoned that that a few years back the Aus govt standardised the size of tow balls to 50mm.... its now actually illegal to have that size (47mm) fitted to your car.  This is the first time i've been quite frustrated at this very very reputable online bike retailer... (that also specializes in adventure/snow etc... i think you all know which online shop i'm talking about now). 


It's a shame coz i'ts perfect for what i need and i don't think i'm going to be the first customer to send one of these items back.  So.... what do you think about this situation and have any of you been jibbed by online bike retailers??? also if anyone happens to have a 1 7/8 inch tow ball i'd love to hear from you.




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I checked my 3 spare tow balls and they're all 50mm


I'd send it back.

Not sure what type it is, but look out for a second hand "Berns Beaks" - that's what I use.

They're a bit heavy, but good.

I always thought the towball bolt section was the the way they were secured to the towbar and the size of the ball did not matter, obviously I am wrong. I will look in the garage over the weekend for I do remember having an 1" 7/8 towball at one stage. If I can find it you are welcome to it.


I know the rack you mean. I've seen them on a number of online retailers. I was about to buy (from the store you mention) then realised it was a towball clamp type. Wouldn't touch one of these with a stick. Bolt-on, tailgate hanger, roof rack at a pinch, but never would I hang bikes from a towball clamp. I'm surprised they're legal, let alone a "non-standard" towball.
I think you will find the correct towball at somewhere like Supercheap Autos.



Go for a stroll to one of your nearest Auto wreckers....they'll have an imperial towball there for you, complete with tennis ball.





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