Hello all! i just arrived to Melbourne a few days ago for work...of course my bicycle is with me ;-) I am into road cycling, low to medium level, trips between 30 and 60 km. Is there anyone who can show me nice loops and who wants to ride with me, any group which meet regularly?
I like to ride longer in the weekend, but also in the evening, as long as there is light....

thanks for feedback!

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Here are some big group rides that get a great turn out.
Sunny summer evening runs down Beach Road are about as inspiring as leisure/pleasure riding can get, I reckon. A reasonably able rider can get from Port Melbourne to Mordialloc and back in 2 hours. Can be a little "car hairy" for some, but taking the cycleway adjacent only ads about an hour to the round trip.
Hi, did you find a goup to ride with, i'm looking for others to ride with (road) in the west or cityish area. Looking to go for a ride on weekends?
At your level a good group to get into for a new Melbourne rider would be the Belgium Beer Garden rides. They are relatively relaxed depending on disatnce and afterwards are renowned for some good social activities.


I have been on a few of the rides and the guys/girls are good value.
Mmm... waffles... :D
Hi Alex,

below is the email I've send out to the others about this week's ride. we leave from my place at 7am, but can pick you up en-route if you prefer. Taranaki Avenue, East Brunswick, Melways Map 30 A7 - see the mapmyride link below.

hope to see you on saturday morning.

a kiwi, a canadian and an ozzie went on a bike ride...

...that's it. no joke. only three last week - c'mon lads, we can do better than that.


Start your weekend with a gentlemen's ride!

Departing Taranaki Ave at 7am, pick ups along Separation St soon thereafter.

Cafe to be determined en-route.



Mark Donnellan
5 Taranaki Avenue
ph 03 9387 9427
mob 0409 978 226
great....add a swiss guy!!


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