Hey all

So you may have noticed a bit of a new look at feel around here. Welcome to the new Melbourne Cyclist logo!

A while back we looked at doing jerseys and had some design ideas coming out of the Sydney forum. There were some cool ideas in there but none of them that I'd ever really consider wearing. In looking at why I realised that the site design, while kinda cool and full of nostalgic attachment for me, just was never going to work well on clothing. Deeper thought made me realise it was just time for a refresh.

So I started talking to a brand designer I know and we went back and forth for a while over some options and came to what you see now. It's the start of a few changes I want to make to help this site grow and stay current and relevant. 

I hope you all like it, I know there are a number of people who were attached to the old look, but I hope you get used to the new one. 

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I like the new logo Damian.

Brilliant: 4 chain links OPEN rather than 3 chain links CLOSED. Clearly expresses openness compared to ???.

LOVE the logo!

Unfortunately the new logo has got to go :(

A certain org has threatened me with legal action. Sigh!

Going to write something up tomorrow hopefully.


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